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Robert Macfarlane

Word of the day: "glean" - originally, to gather ears of corn left behind by the reapers after harvest; now, figura… https://t.co/Wnr91l7VlV


23 hours ago

Adrian Wojnarowski

The latest on Jimmy Butler-Minnesota trade talks, including Sacramento’s push to leverage its cap space to take on… https://t.co/J5wd3l5XsY


22 hours ago

António Guterres

Peace. Dignity. Equal Rights. We will never give up. The United Nations is an act of faith - we gather here because… https://t.co/MVJET4Awzw


13 hours ago

Andrew Paul Weston

RT @foreignoffice: This week world leaders gather at the @UN to discuss the biggest challenges facing the world. This is why it matters. #…


just now

The MOST Joeⓥ

Dear God, it's magnificent. Everyone... gather round. #mindblown https://t.co/Ekg0cBYHAP


1 second ago

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\ #Lチキ無料プレゼント !/ デカくて、マジうまっ!フォロー&リツイートで10日間- 連続、毎日1万名様にLチキが当たります(^^) 6日目は9- /26 10:59まで♪ #ローソン #Lチキ #ごちろう… https://t.co/wCkYTEBHFA


1 day ago

Joshua Calixto

To me, BTS' greatest strength is that they realize art has no boundaries when you love yourself, remain open to the… https://t.co/wOI0DdCFTy


1 day ago

George Takei

When Democrats retake Congress and the White House, our priority must be to shore up our tottering civil institutio… https://t.co/Ox98AcAmC4


16 hours ago

♡˚◦💜I Miss Taehyung💜◦˚♡

RT @miss_rissaroo: Chimmy #BTSxFallon @jimmyfallon •art for collage found on google• https://t.co/HOntcpGoBl


just now

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