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@sololeveling Def a french guy that doesn't talk english I wish we could just thanos snap them to Moogle in the other datacenter jfodjfbdk


20 hours ago


@byndogehk do i see a moogle in the background on that shelf?


22 hours ago

FFXIV quest objectives

Deliver the ripe Mun-Tuy beans to the moogle in the Observatorium.


1 day ago

Xyzzy Sqrl

@TroufMog Isn't a moogle in parachute pants just a blue mage?


1 day ago

Future Fabulous

@AnryyAsura1 Once you've done the Sheol Gaol A/B/C quests, speak to the Pilgrim Moogle in Rabao again, you should g… https://t.co/9jLxRVPWxE


3 days ago

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