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Are you planning to migrate Microsoft IIS/FTP server sites? Try out CopyRight2 's site migration feature, supportin… https://t.co/uERjTnXcTy


2 hours ago

Mali Inak

AECOM IP 194[.]129[.]64[.]18 hosting "IIS Windows Server" on ibcm[.]emea[.]aecom[.]com has 2 CVEs with CVSS scores… https://t.co/NlSp7tzx7u


17 hours ago


VBScript Visual Basic Scripting Edition:Microsoft Windows上やInternet Information Server (IIS)上で動作するスクリプト言語で、サーバ側・クライア- ント側両方で動作可能な仕様となっている。


1 day ago

They need us more than we need them

/2 3. How to tell management it’s time to decommission those Windows NT boxes 4. Securing Windows XP in your ass… https://t.co/hiHIhPsJR8


1 day ago

(**) 🇮🇹

jquery, Windows server, IIS, https://t.co/WKXGY0yGha eles são literalmente os 4 cavaleiro do inferno vsf https://t.co/CEYDcnTco7


1 day ago

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