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Sergei Egorov

@nukemberg > a proprietary webserver WebSphere/WebLogic/- Microsoft IIS > A server O/S Microsoft Windows Server > A… https://t.co/uRehbgkGNi


3 hours ago

Elazar Leibovich

@nukemberg @elastic Well, IIS doesn't run on Linux, you know... Also web server. Windows server has its market share.


3 hours ago


開発(一、二年くらい) つまらんJavaでのサーバーサイド- のコーディングのつまらん作業 Spring (Java), Hibernate ↓ セキュリティ関連のサービスの開発(- 一年ほど?) ASP . NET MVC (C#),… https://t.co/XrKHhnXgyz


7 hours ago

Trabajo Malaga

Oferta Trabajo: Técnico de Sistemas Windows https://t.co/JFKVR4e5xx


2 days ago

Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad, Telecom InfoTech

#RaviVisvesvarayaSharadaPrasad CH 1 - How to Create Amazon EC2 Instance in AWS Step by Step & Host Website on Wind… https://t.co/1o0splRSZA


2 days ago

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