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Joanne B. Keeley

RT @silviaschrei: You can make a real difference in Espérance’s life. Join me on @Kiva https://t.co/33aUlHBglQ


1 hour ago

Gary McGraw

RT @noplasticshower: @cigitalgem @Kiva @m1splacedsoul @DrewKilbourne Have you tried @kiva? It is NPS approved and a great way to give back…


1 hour ago

Michelle Shaeffer

You can make a real difference in Adrian’s life. Join me on @Kiva https://t.co/4eOUh6DY3T


4 hours ago


You can make a real difference in Meresiana’s life. Join me on @Kiva https://t.co/lZUFqLabJH


5 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Verify Connection before proceeding to Kiva”

Byron York

FBI took Trump dossier very seriously. Briefed Trump, Obama on it; used it for wiretap warrant. All the while, spen… https://t.co/3bVJrCH19g


1 day ago

The New York Times

A 9-year-old U.S. citizen was detained at a Southern California border checkpoint for more than 30 hours this week… https://t.co/GQb0HKRGRl


1 day ago

Chowkidar Amit Shah

By saying that a country should not be held responsible because of a few people, does Rahul also agree that Pakista… https://t.co/mHbWutVo6S


8 hours ago


RT @kpolantz: The Manafort asset forfeiture proceeding is getting odd. What's up with this shell company that says Manafort owes $1 million…


just now

Nagruk68 #IAmRemain 🇪🇺 🇳🇱

RT @16MillionRising: SMR loves this and we're wet with excitement, but can someone please verify and cite sources? We all know what Gammon…


just now

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