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The media needs to treat Brett Favre like it did Michael Vick and Colin Kaepernick https://t.co/xMDxvRA04f https://t.co/J58Kn88Bbq


5 days ago

Carron J. Phillips

I know there’s a LOT going on today, especially on this app. But, I wrote about #BrettFavre. And why the mainstre… https://t.co/oDtEKIg3mF


5 days ago


Qatar is conscripting its citizens to be security for the World Cup, so this is definitely going to go well… https://t.co/FbjMvNAuXo


6 hours ago

Sprout Max

New Deadspin Post: Americans need more passion... for soccer? | Jesse Palmer https://t.co/PzbgaUtNhV


2 minutes ago

Justin CA30

@KimMulkey is a pathetic and immoral scumbag, who has absolutely NO business being charged with leading young women… https://t.co/SY2kAouF7i


4 minutes ago

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/ #原神 Ver.3.1アプデ 記念キャンペーン!第1弾 1日目 \- 9月29日(木)23:59まで毎日チャレンジ! 原神グ- ッズやAmazonギフト10000円分が その場で当たるチ- ャンス! ▼参加方法 ①… https://t.co/884PXBNW2D


9 hours ago

Olivia Julianna 🗳

Considering Ken Paxton is attempting to block people from fleeing the state to get access to abortion care, I find… https://t.co/rhfkzJtTAA


21 hours ago

Occupy Democrats

BREAKING: An updated inventory reveals that the FBI seized a staggering 43 empty folders clearly labeled “CLASSIFIE… https://t.co/ZCujEpmKQY


12 hours ago

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