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Bob Chipman #RehireJamesGunn

Yup. Barn-burner of a piece, and accurate: Kavanaugh is MORE appealing to Republicans now, not less, because modern… https://t.co/tIAFCiKjJo


23 hours ago

chris person

The only unifying value on the right is spite and this is the correct read on the situation: https://t.co/t2AXV9lTRp


1 day ago

Thom "Definitely Not A Skrull" Dunn

THIS THIS ALL OF THIS https://t.co/UzM0Qmw0z7


3 minutes ago

Geometry Possum

RT @dynamicsymmetry: "What the American right wants, what it’s after, isn’t some abstract pluralist success, like the smooth functioning of…


5 minutes ago

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