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Apple patents show possible forms of foldable iPhone or iPad https://t.co/iUUnefMS6W https://t.co/fLgjsewu04


4 hours ago

Hinterland Studio

#TheLongDark is included in this article from @techradar about survival games without supernatural horror.… https://t.co/SoIbTAkD05


10 hours ago

Sony Alpha

"Sony Alpha a6400 Review: Meet Sony's All-New Mid-Range Mirrorless Camera" via @TechRadar #SonyAlpha https://t.co/nMsRX6dxHW


1 week ago


Google Fit is closing its website to focus on the apps https://t.co/TLGIxrnqah #iOS #techtrends #camera https://t.co/s49LxG7SaD


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TechRadar MiddleEast

كيف تشاهد المباريات الست لبطولة الرغبي (Rugby) اونلاين من اي مكان. #rugby https://t.co/54r- enK2L6H


2 minutes ago

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Dalai Lama

The source of a happy life is within us. Troublemakers in many parts of the world are often quite well-educated, so… https://t.co/Yc3FKCi4m7


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

If Big Tech Can Censor Me, Think What It Can Do to You. My new Op-Ed on Real Clear Politics ⁦⁦@RealClearNews⁩ https://t.co/3UzHWU3VWK


13 hours ago

Paul Joseph Watson

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says he is “not buying” the explanation that Jessie Smollett staged his own h… https://t.co/ndRzJwmlnp


23 hours ago

Gentle Reminders

Your friends should give you better advice. I'm not worth it. Move on.


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RT @JessyCurious: Planned Parenthood provided me with Pap Smears, Contraceptives, and STD screenings for FREE. They offered me advice and s…


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