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Jeremy Herrick

We are living in an era of left McCarthyism, and people are starved for normal conversation as if it were samizdat… https://t.co/msA7NIhDyt


1 hour ago

Robert Stark

RT @TheRealAltLeft: Follow the Alternative Left on these social media platforms: Alternative Left on Facebook: https://t.co/cqy7EiaUnK The…


3 hours ago

Katarina Kosača🇻🇦

RT @ChurchLifeND: The Addictions of the Catholic Samizdat https://t.co/iA3NkeiRiR


3 hours ago

Tomáš Cizner

Samizdat 7 hod · Letos to má cenu. Stačí jen málo, pár kroků a jedna obálka. Ale koho, že? Mějte na paměti, že do… https://t.co/w0sEETPDC1


3 hours ago

Public Sphere Hub

“It is not enough to show that people curse under their breaths, talk behind bosses' backs, circulate their ideas i… https://t.co/ZOfUh3HDQj


3 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “samizdat.info”

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