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Leif Lindau

@sjunnedotcom Den fine Professorn har råkat läsa 3 år gamla artiklar av RIKTIGA forskare som Sanandaji, Tullberg… https://t.co/y0XhcEpBMs


2 hours ago

Ken Donald

@neilhimself Getting a book out of Foyles used to more difficult than smuggling samizdat into Soviet Russia.


5 hours ago

Chip Johnson

@PeterSweden7 What's terrifying from a non-Swedish perspective is the total mainstream media blackout on all of it.… https://t.co/6fRYMGOa11


6 hours ago

Andrew Ellis

@teamsatan @alijamieson Seen he's going b2b with S(tuart) D(owning) Laika at Dekmantel? https://t.co/FXBxZndVh6


6 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “samizdat.info”

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