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Bloomberg Opinion

@Bershidsky That doesn’t mean other Soviet citizens couldn't read "1984." There were several ways to do it: 📕In En… https://t.co/KITAzyOHP2


6 days ago

Antonio García Martínez

It's an intriguing aspect of our current society, which purports to be so open and tolerant, that so many people en… https://t.co/L5eMQx7fi7


4 days ago


https://t.co/2Pl9Y3ah60. Vladimir Bukovsky summarized it as follows: "Samizdat: I write it myself, edit it myself… https://t.co/nrqxJ6UeTH


28 minutes ago

Josselin Beaumont

@Leboulonnais1 @montebourg @Lemo_SFP @MLP_officiel Franchement non merci... https://t.co/TcvCU85- 0sM… https://t.co/HmEvTRP88X


1 hour ago


@_vanswan Как и intelligentsia, perestroika, samizdat, glasnost, troika и еще куча всего


1 hour ago

Latest tweets mentioning “samizdat.info”

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