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Sample Image, shot with the Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4d (Amazing Quality Macro Photos) https://t.co/KgSWxm5DYU https://t.co/WO9ifFGeTp


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Ava DuVernay

I love Alabama. It's my father's home state. My sisters and brother live there today. I made a film about its belov… https://t.co/HYJi6N2nW0


1 day ago

Sean Hannity

Update; Good news, apparently some Titans and Vol players are helping Keaton. The school needs this Fixed immediate… https://t.co/qVh03q2HDK


4 hours ago

Rahul Kanwal

Don’t buy theories of EVMs being fixed. An aberration highlighted endlessly doesn’t become the norm. Parties discre… https://t.co/PnvAAvU4GM


21 hours ago

penguin !!

RT @Zendaya: I haven't posted anything about the premiere the other night cause I'm still in shock a little bit. This is only my second fil…


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