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SM Hoax Slayer

Edited image #FakeNews Debunked 2 days ago. Date, rate and amount are changed, The sentence at bottom is added to a… https://t.co/W01FWJAhEV


6 days ago


RT @G_Major_1: ❄️ A version Sample Image 1/ 샘플이 조금 밝게 나와서 얼굴 부분 색감은 톤 다운 될 예정입니다. 2/ 뒷면은 블랙 색상이에요. 3/ 오빠 집업 소재가 벨벳같은 소재라 담요 인쇄 표현…


49 minutes ago

Vyacheslav Sloniadze

RT @NTMDT: 10x10 µm AFM image of mouse kidney #cell Image by Dr. A. Roskoshnaya Sample: Dr. G.E.Onishenko, Dept. of #Biology, Moscow State…


50 minutes ago

Derek Martin

RT @BarnOwlCentre: Latest news on diverse Photography Project, we've installed a Professional Photography Studio to bring forward a range o…


3 hours ago

Ganesh Kulkarni

@rajupp @techpp On my iPhone 7, I see no option to import image from gallary and edit them. It allows editing only… https://t.co/1cVTfljJWQ


3 hours ago

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The official video for #Polaroid is OUT NOW! @Jonasblue , @Lennonstella and I had a lot of fun running around New Y… https://t.co/oAN9AjXiWk


23 hours ago

Pat McAfee

“I scored a touchdown in the NFL” can’t be my twitter bio because of this man.. dude was a horror film on the field… https://t.co/4jzWGhedgC


1 day ago

Carlos Roque Mendoza

Mostly Cloudy tomorrow! With a high of 21 and a low of 17 October 21, 2018 https://t.co/k5plhOxVHi


just now


RT @LMKMovieManiac: #Superstar #Rajinikanth latest, - #Petta Parak looks like his signature dialog in the film. It'll be complete entertain…


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