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Candace Owens

Never trust a person, publication, teacher or otherwise who tells you that women can be men and vice versa. Any pe… https://t.co/T9rw4rFhjT


1 day ago


/ Trick or Treat キャンペーン 5日目🎃 \ 期間中最大1,000名様に500円分のギフト- コードがその場で当たるチャンス! ▼参加方法 ①このアカ- ウントをフォロー ②この投稿をRT ③ゲーム内「お知らせ」- から… https://t.co/Gty7a9S2WY


15 hours ago

Huawei Mobile (JP)

📢毎日なんと100名様に当たる!!✨ \ #HUAWEI_WATCH_FIT_new 発表記念🏋️/ 応募方法はこちら✨ ①@HUAWEI_J- apan_PR をフォロー🎉 ②この投稿をRT or… https://t.co/5ro9n82Oh6


1 day ago


RT @varadmehta: Jake Tapper was too lazy or ignorant to push back against Pelosi when she said McConnell changed the filibuster for the Sup…


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RT @Breliloquy: Say what you want about the show, Issa managing to get a show on a major network starring two dark skinned Black women as l…


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Newley Purnell

New: Internal Facebook documents show its services are used to spread religious hatred in India. Company researcher… https://t.co/QaefmgVOQu


1 day ago

Kevin Gates

Always been a giver but; I’m finally learning how to set boundaries to protect my peace,everybody doesn’t deserve a… https://t.co/HXdR4FMKTJ


12 hours ago

Rasmussen Reports

'Redactions' are part of how corrupt public officials hide crimes from the people who pay their public salaries.… https://t.co/eHpkP0Htk4


7 hours ago


RT @PatoBullrich: Exigimos al Gobierno que defienda a los ciudadanos de la violencia que promueven Jones Huala y la RAM. Tenemos que reacci…


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