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Adobe Customer Care

@lagirapuhh Hi Abdul, are you behind any firewall, proxy or VPN? You can use this Adobe Limited Access Repair Tool… https://t.co/q6sm5SgdKj


4 days ago

tech writer

Bundle Kernel File Repair Software [Single User] - BKF, Publisher, Powerpoint, Access, Word, Excel, Zip repair… https://t.co/kspaK6288c


6 days ago

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Shawn Mendes

Keep families together.. Please support organizations like @supportKIND, that are working to #protectfamilies impri… https://t.co/2yKwckP718


18 hours ago


.@AOC, there are kids in cages you need to see. They were brutally attacked. Their cages are buried 6 feet under.… https://t.co/LxYOSGu8tM


23 hours ago

Scott Dworkin

Trump’s gonna be on the golf course again today. Because he’s the laziest most illegitimate and corrupt fake presid… https://t.co/FXlTRJQTTS


23 hours ago

سحر موميكا

RT @UmAhmed07265863: @UNHCRUSA @ChrisBoian @BBCWorld The greatest solidarity is: Asking the whole world to help Iraqi asylum seekers and re…


just now

一応観測値としてgpsの値を与えてるけど矢印が小さすぎて見- えん


just now

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