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Project Cubicle

5 Effective Ways to Repair Corrupt Excel Workbook Microsoft Excel workbook may get corrupted due to several reasons… https://t.co/ZfJhotFXUF


6 days ago

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Fox News

NBC, ABC, CBS called out for silence on Elon Musk's 'Twitter files' release: 'They're failing Americans' https://t.co/Wq4zR1V9dX


1 day ago

Michal Pekař

@robertzaruba dvacet let zpátky si pamatuju na MS jinýho Ronalda. A ten tam teda pálil o sto šest.


just now


@JoffSand @DevTobs Oil doesn't do much when it's controlled by western corporations and a corrupt government who bo… https://t.co/gIkDWeWAav


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ba 🇸🇦🇵🇹

@alwaily_7 @ms__cr7 طييب وش تبي الحين رونالدو عمره 37 واكبر من ميسي ياشينك


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Cameron J. Bogle

@RachelNotley Job killing. Laughable Ms Notley. The Conservatives create jobs and businesses and and actually try a… https://t.co/0U7HW8O6ES


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