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Samsung Mobile TH

ถ่ายสวยทั้งกล้องหน้าและกล้องห- ลัง ถ่ายวีดีโอได้คมชัดระดับ 4K และถ่ายได้นิ่งระดับแอคชั่นแคม- ด้วย Super Steady และGalax… https://t.co/1NV1szc833


6 days ago

Samsung Indonesia

Ini cerita Maya & Adit yang berbagi cerita, kebersamaan serta kehangatan di bulan penuh kebaikan. Sudahkah kamu ber… https://t.co/P5mU0NVerX


1 day ago

Samsung Mobile India

We’ve reached another milestone! The new #GalaxyA Series sales have crossed over 5 million units. Check out this r… https://t.co/CPLeEP3S4w


6 hours ago

Gadgets Innovations

RT @SamsungMobileIN: Your looks can sweep people off their feet! and with a striking Infinity Display, the new Samsung Galaxy M20 is here t…


just now


RT @SamsungSA: What is 8K .............. ? Your next step is #8KQLED ... 🛒 Buy a selected 2019 QLED TV at a participating retailer and ge…


51 seconds ago

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🎁 #Concours 📺 Pour clore la semaine en beauté, on vous propose de gagner une TV Samsung 4K UHD 55'' >… https://t.co/TP1dDO7G9h


1 day ago

Justin Duino

“Huawei ... will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system, and the next version of its sm… https://t.co/Gbp6QLmIuu


1 day ago

Linea 27

Usuarios de Samsung, Apple y Pixel con el quilombo de Huawei https://t.co/a2DS0AGTRA


19 hours ago


@ovoxgreg They kept getting my order wrong. Lol that’s why I don’t like when the people come around with the tablet… https://t.co/HXZ5OFJB5i


just now

Prakash R D

RT @AshramBlr: #MondayMotivation~ अब घर-घर हो रहे हैं, पूज्य @AsaramBapuJi के उत्तम स्वास्थ्य व शीघ्र रिहाई हेतु ससंकल्प हवन-जप व श्री आशा…


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