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Imam Tawhidi

https://t.co/3Hp6ITFsKL - Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah Criticizes Possibility of Legalization of Sa… https://t.co/mLQwpQiFVW


3 hours ago

Stu Burguiere

Relevant this week is the Penn and Teller BS episode about lie detectors / polygraphs. Before seeing it I had no id… https://t.co/ujLjGpJJa6


2 days ago

Pat Condell

Brexit Morons. My new video on #LiveLeak. https://t.co/ZXNys- ZuCJf


5 days ago

🇺🇸❌STA1T Of Liberty ❌🇺🇸

@GOPkleptocrat @BryaninSeattle2 @RNferock @nomore557 @Navy_Lady_45 @Qtastic3 @grabaroot @_twiceborn_ @messymason… https://t.co/eNUJZOVFJE


just now

🇺🇸❌STA1T Of Liberty ❌🇺🇸

@GOPkleptocrat @BryaninSeattle2 @RNferock @nomore557 @Navy_Lady_45 @Qtastic3 @grabaroot @_twiceborn_ @messymason… https://t.co/CVLQh5VcUv


1 minute ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

What’s unprecedented is the media not wanting to know what actually led to the investigation. Amazing. What happene… https://t.co/71o2AaViDU


6 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

We are witnessing the end of the Korean War thanks to @realDonaldTrump and the media is completely silent on it


15 hours ago

zizi💤 loves jimin

RT @choi_bts2: One K media who didn’t sleep made the #DNA500M view news for the first time in naver! Congratulations, Topstar News!! 😉 http…


just now

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