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Katie Thulin

Wow...ya know what, GTFO of our country if you would rather fly the Mexican flag than the American flag. You ungrat… https://t.co/sdAb3Cp5qt


4 days ago

Gabriel Macías

Man down during Running of the bulls... https://t.co/fS7cBIt- tRF


just now

𝔓𝔦𝔬𝔱𝔯 𝔇𝔶𝔟𝔦𝔢𝔠

#liveleak Former Marines Excessive Force Case https://t.co/ipAZ3FndTG


1 minute ago

Gabriel Macías

Obtained double ration https://t.co/wiVCVHVRSj


2 minutes ago

Gabriel Macías

The Cow Says "Get That F*cking Car Off Me!" https://t.co/r6GzxbYihK


4 minutes ago

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Anand Ranganathan

SHOCKING. Hindu woman ordered to distribute Quran as a condition for her bail. She refused. BRAVO. Imagine if a Mu… https://t.co/SUpsBaYaiX


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Ilhan Omar held a press conference yesterday Why didn't they media ask her about rampant tax fraud shown on her re… https://t.co/qVmLINUtMP


1 day ago

Steven Crowder

In case you missed it -AOC launches campaign calling immigration detention centers “concentration camps” -Antifa… https://t.co/wTBnTvUCMd


1 day ago

Scottish Quill

Von der Leyen vote: Europe's media welcome EU Commission choice https://t.co/PPzjG0nibv @IlReporter 0 https://t.co/n7zcCmd3Uv


just now

Billy Roland

RT @tracie_giles: @homeaway Reservation Number ID HA-VKRKCK NO such property existed and I paid for a total scam . My holiday is as a scrub…


just now

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