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Navigating Perspectives

RT @ebaumsworld: This #deepfake of @realDonaldTrump as Kevin Malone from the Office is blowing our minds! (cc: @BBBaumgartner) https://t.c…


3 hours ago

Your Christian Health + Happiness

Sooo funny but sooo true! Who can relate? Comment/Like if you can relate! :D ... https://t.co/0RormFDgEZ https://t.co/rxJv8ZATHi


4 hours ago


Savage Video Tears Down the Culture Joe Rogan Has Created - eBaum's World Gaming News https://t.co/20n10Oza8G


10 hours ago

Armani Whosoever Lee

Lemmy from Motorhead Responds to a 16 Year Old Black Kid Being Bullied For Liking Metal https://t.co/1j81CtiDhl


10 hours ago

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Guy Verhofstadt

The revolt against Brexit, by marching and petitions, is the best answer to all kind of populists and nationalists… https://t.co/faAqLD4TrN


1 day ago


[NEO CITY : LOG] Recorded by DOYOUNG (KOR) #NCT127_TO_THE_WORLD #NCT127_1st_World_Tour #NEOCITY #NCT127 #NCT… https://t.co/v2UpejYkRZ


1 day ago

John Dean

Trump and his minions think they dodged a bullet. I have a notion — only a recurring though — that Mueller delivere… https://t.co/vtg1hF2KWA


1 day ago

Ellena_LYinBKK 🌸🌼

RT @stopshippingpls: ngl i feel the jikook we saw in today's concert is one of the purest and more real jikook. the jikook that take at lea…


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