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P Baird

@bill_kessler7 @TheView Dear Dr...Jeannine Pirro is uncivil when she speaks to her audience on her own show. As f… https://t.co/6PZPWC4kJR


1 day ago

reni ren

Seeing jp fanartists I follow gacharoll and getting the new ssr, and here I am holding myself back cuz gathering saint quartz for my faves


1 day ago

MC Stormbreaker

@Shasarazad @AzaelAfflicted @GennaBain I would have preferred this outcome, but we don't know if that option was ma… https://t.co/oONcmUbhCT


3 days ago

violetR ✨

It's weird I play JP games better technically than EN versions? Maybe it's just cuz I'm trying to read instead of t… https://t.co/5MffWvwttr


3 days ago

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