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Newton PorchFest

@3BCommuter @CityofNewtonMA We're a small group of Newton residents inspired by seeing JP PorchFest to start one in… https://t.co/7t63CD4thk


9 hours ago

sheep @ sar㋐zanmai

why do i keep seeing jp people say the soiya scene is a metaphor for s*x. reomabu f*cked on screen? reomabu f


12 hours ago

Activision Support

@neiltstephenson Can you provide a video of what you're seeing ? ^JP


14 hours ago

Callie Phakathi

Me going through the #proteasquad for the world cup seeing JP Duminy on the list but no Reeza Hendricks. Wtf is thi… https://t.co/ioeRVc4hhL


21 hours ago

Nick Penrhyn ㋐ Sakuracon

RT @AnimeSocMegan: Seeing JP fans comparing Enta's sister and Lulu... they do give off a similiar kind of vibe https://t.co/28HIr2617j


3 days ago

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