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Marco Gutierrez

#LatinosForTrump @reallatinosfor1 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER | WHAT’S UP GUYS! We hope you are enjoying your su… https://t.co/givZuFJTGS


12 hours ago

PK Kersey

RT @XavierPorter227: https://t.co/0qw6Nx5u2i @Thatsuitsyou


just now


https://t.co/YeW39NTMvz 化粧水を- 探している方へ 乾燥肌の悩みを解消!


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domingo qnd começar a ficar de noite eu já fico assim https://t.co/si3WKEH1b3


8 hours ago

George Takei

I’m 82 and have seen many elections in my day. But truly none is as consequential as 2020. We made a terrible mist… https://t.co/vYUidBdwdt


3 hours ago

Quebrando o Tabu

“Esta menina traduz a língua de sinais as letras das músicas de um show de rock para o seu pai. Amor é tudo.” Vai,… https://t.co/8GRdG3qBhh


7 hours ago

Imran Jattala

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”… https://t.co/mx03Np9P4v


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