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Liga Endesa

🎥 CRÓNICA | @SanPabloBurgos logra una épica victoria en la prórroga. #LigaEndesa ▶️http- s://t.co/qUfzMrDpEM https://t.co/KLzRtnnVJQ


1 week ago

🇬🇧 Andrew Taylor ☕

RT @RampantTV: For real the hottest pic you'll see all day! @LanaRhoades + more treats here: https://t.co/UbVBGgvwS7 https://t.co/TW9Vkkvj…


33 minutes ago

pink 💖

woooow https://t.co/fbM7EvFUW8


2 hours ago

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Lee Zeldin

Congress needs to (1) subpoena from the cell service Strzok & Page text messages; & (2) request FBI perform full fo… https://t.co/TnPjH00slW


1 day ago

🎙Wayne Dupree

A few fun facts about Dreamers... 792k are over 25 years old (88%) 743k don't have a college degree (83%) 189k dro… https://t.co/J120MgRY3n


23 hours ago

Johnson John

RT @BarbaraWeltman: The beauty of automation is that it’s able to jump in at the first sign that something is wrong on the customer’s end.…


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