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[🎥 #SUHO & #KAI] Hey Caleb and Gaten. I am Suho from Exo, I am Kai. We would love to meet you in Korea, and we real… https://t.co/uXloW2PEmC


15 hours ago

marisa kabas

My grandpa’s entire family was murdered in the Holocaust. I’m 100% comfortable with @AOC and anyone else referring… https://t.co/jRKeB7iuLH


7 hours ago

Alex Hicks

.@akaraaan’s guide to posing for pictures: 1. Smile 2. Stick out your tongue 3. Throw gang signs


just now

Due to horrible/unethical interviewing techniques many innocent & often mentally ill people confess to crimes they… https://t.co/hWfJNqFUo5


just now

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