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Jon Miller

I was asked probably 12 qs about the confederate flag…I didn’t receive one on the deaths that we got in this countr… https://t.co/5va4ajmB1V


20 hours ago


This is Thor. He just wanted cuddles with his duck friend. Didn’t deserve this. 14/10 gravity is cancelled https://t.co/7TbkoBgAwi


22 hours ago

Ed Zitron

Wow this is crazy. I didn’t expect him to just tweet it and not do it. That’s wild, https://t.co/vuzruhX2Kt


23 hours ago


@slmancfc2 ٣ الاف بس الشفاء ٥ الاف


just now


RT @truekapo06: Personne : Moi quand j’ai 5 fav et 3 rt en 2 minutes


just now

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