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So like one day we go dey there norr then we see constructors for Achimota Forest. TV3 too go do "Some People have… https://t.co/Oa86BGbDUB


1 day ago

Michael Shellenberger

Why did Newsom almost certainly know that property & larceny crimes had risen? Because one of California's most i… https://t.co/ljPJtKduN1


13 hours ago

Asfandyar Bhittani

Ban on imports is just another way for the ruling feudal elite to mint some money at the black market ahead of gene… https://t.co/K6bcx5jgtR


5 days ago

Pat Manning "The Real Estate Guy"

There’s actually some debate as to where the term “real estate” came from. Many believe that it originated from a t… https://t.co/O00JYEeUwY


7 seconds ago


@Jaaaaaak__ @KEEMSTAR do you honestly think someone who wants to go into a school and murder a bunch of children wo… https://t.co/cvpIMzeylD


1 minute ago

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Rolling Stone

ON SALE NOW: Rolling Stone Collector’s Edition Box Set Featuring @BLACKPINK #BLACKPINKxRollingStone The box set i… https://t.co/ER2tbLMUhd


1 day ago

Chuck Callesto

BREAKING REPORT: Search Warrants Served at Arizona Nonprofit for HOME OF EMPLOYEE Gloria Torres, purportedly in Co… https://t.co/gzJrKn9txt


8 hours ago

Ethan Klein

Why do conservatives think that gun reform means banning all guns? I own a gun. It means implementing common sense… https://t.co/QncU2MM5Wt


5 hours ago


@Thissmesam Malaysia boy lam waste ah 😕😕😕


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