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Walter Shaub

There’s also always a chance that these actions could have a more direct impact. If you think that can’t happen, yo… https://t.co/C1ZYjAXlMR


21 hours ago


@panaslahh We loved that you think Primark should open in Malaysia. We have taken your feedback on board and passed… https://t.co/2GYAfQhu8o


6 hours ago

Lance Forman

@timothy_stanley Even CND respected the lawns back in my day and marched on the pavement. These people think the… https://t.co/6MrJTXIExh


3 hours ago

Antony Lawler

@RichardDawkins I think it has to do with the will to win an argument. It is an emergent property that rattling yo… https://t.co/UFTry5xrLj


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Paul Smith

RT @goddersbloom: Caption 'I think we have plenty in common, I like cooking halal meat, I support my husband's right to beat me, I cover my…


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Prasanna Viswanathan

At Rs. 599 Crore, India Spends Rs 3.23 Lakh Annually To Educate One Jamia Student; In Return, What Does Nation Get… https://t.co/bZGNBoreFT


1 day ago

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

"Las leyes están para cumplirlas", "todos somos iguales ante la ley"... excepto yo, el gran estado de la España Uni… https://t.co/ImurKJW1rT


20 hours ago

5 Seconds of Summer

NO SHAME TOUR AUSTRALIA 2020 // ON SALE 21 FEB // https://t.co/Kk8KlvKV4J https://t.co/vxt91hPxFf


22 hours ago


RT @_muhdmuzz: Korang tau tak? Kiblat Malaysia ni directly menghadap Multazam. Multazam is an area between Hajar Aswad and the door of Kaa…


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