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matt nathanson

ok, serious question: what do u all love / hate about meet & greet add ons for artists @ their shows? in need of a… https://t.co/mLK4zUsO7h


6 hours ago

OpTic CouRage

How to make Twitter truly elite: -Have videos actually work consistently. No more stutter issues. -Make the app run… https://t.co/uTHmGEYPOh


4 days ago

Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin

Too bad you can't quote tweet someone and add a poll.


4 days ago


RT @doolsetbangtan: I'll run a poll in about 6 hours. Add your suggestions to the quoted tweet (not this one)! 가사번역 제안을 받습니다. 인용트윗에 댓글 달아주…


41 seconds ago

Porn animation

RT @Gkvalhalla: I selected my Next Target, Marlow from #GwainSaga And now i'm stuck deciding....how to eat this delicious Advocado...~ I'll…


5 minutes ago

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Charlie Kirk

Midterm Preview: Reuters generic poll: February: Dems +16 March: Dems +6 April: Dems +3 Now: GOP +6 Finances:… https://t.co/YsOk9qar4P


11 hours ago


Who should be a musical guest on season 44 of #SNL? Vote now! https://t.co/YxZYIP7nzw https://t.co/F9eK4nCno5


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

CBS News Poll: 68% of voters give Trump credit for booming economy Trump will convincingly get re-elected


1 day ago

Mirror Money Saving

Kids are being targeted by fraudsters online - and parents aren't helping: https://t.co/nJIXY4Sl6l https://t.co/tAFeOtjD5q


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