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Democracy Docket

Today, Texas Republicans' voter suppression law #SB1 went into effect. The law will limit poll hours, add barriers… https://t.co/b9aZVNTqvo


1 day ago

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🌸予告🌸 待望の第2弾! #刀剣乱舞-ONLINE-コラボ缶酎ハ- イ 2022年1月11日(火)発売決定⚔ 燭台切光忠 #ゆうべの光景 へし切長谷部 #宵に想ひはせ さらに!酎ハイのお供に◎ グラス・コースターセット&a- mp;… https://t.co/jaF6esusWU


1 day ago

Denero King 24

RT @3bood021: Good Evening good people. I wonder why non of our "loud" have reported this event. @ARISEtv @MobilePunch @channelstv @AIT_Onl…


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