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https://t.co/BfgN6zTzSG https- ://t.co/jfG6k0MkIi https://t.- co/hcK2o1rMrq https://t.co/pu- k6wd2WV9… https://t.co/WIldeTktwm


1 day ago

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WeRateDogs™ 🏳️‍🌈

This is Honey. He will support your online shopping habits as long as he gets to hold the box when something arrive… https://t.co/tYafOVREPF


23 hours ago

Rumeysa Kadak

Girişimci gençler online mı? 😎 2. Bölümümüz yayında! Bu bölümde Binali Yıldırım’ın bizi çok heyecanlandıran tekn… https://t.co/kwJEJJZI2v


1 day ago

Taylor Lorenz

Ppl are so up in arms about Harvard rescinding 1 kid’s acceptance after discovering he made racist comments online.… https://t.co/TnVaJkHmfo


1 day ago


I have a LOT but online it’s “Pod” most places (it’s meant to be p-o-d but it got tiresome correcting people)


just now

Batter Kadkoy

We got about 60 people studying Adighebze seriously with nearly people from all over the world and in addition the… https://t.co/455hiQgz8q


just now

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