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The Straits Times

British Airways plane flies to wrong destination https://t.co/hHasLegBlK https://t.co/dQl3hi8Uob


1 day ago

Ashok Swain

Millions of women and homeless people will be barred from voting in India's elections because of biases and difficu… https://t.co/xILB4JDWkV


8 hours ago

The Straits Times

#Baby 'dumped' by S'pore couple in #Taiwan: Forensic test finds child was born alive https://t.co/ROFx7CAJhZ https://t.co/CbRrHce8dj


1 day ago

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Sean Hannity

WATCH: “He’s on every TV show 50 times a day for the last two years promising Americans that this President would e… https://t.co/DLeXYZi72R


1 day ago

Bernard B. Kerik

BREAKING NEWS: House GOP plans on making criminal referrals to AG William Barr for officials who "perpetuated this… https://t.co/YzYTAE9xOr


1 day ago

Ryan Saavedra

BREAKING: The Pentagon has notified Congress that it has authorized the transfer of $1 billion to begin new wall co… https://t.co/WmKi6P132W


17 hours ago

Hendra Al-Amin

RT @BinNuh_: Kamu percaya hasil survey ? Survei Ken Ahok aja meleset, apalagi Ken Arok #RemoveTheNgaciroVirus Survei @ChartaPolitika :…


just now


RT @business: U.S. lawmakers are turning a critical eye on whether regulators gave Boeing too much sway over the certification of its 737 j…


just now

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