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Defenders of Wildlife

"Hunters come in all shapes & persuasions. And most of us don't want or need to kill predators in areas designated… https://t.co/bmMhjqT9cm


1 day ago

Anchorage Daily News

FBI seized recording of Trump and attorney Michael Cohen discussing payments for story of ex-model who alleged affa… https://t.co/WmGlQjVYEM


10 hours ago

Anchorage Daily News

Glacial dam outburst creates flooding concern in Juneau https://t.co/nq5mzu0d5z


1 day ago

Robbie Quelland

RT @sportsadn: 5 days are left in the Legion baseball regular season and not much is up in the air. 8 teams go to state and 9 are in conten…


45 seconds ago

carne a-sah dude?

RT @adndotcom: APD: Man bites cab driver, hits him with bolt cutters and flees into Peanut Farm, where he collided with a wall and officers…


23 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

Will the Dems and Fake News ever learn? This is classic! https://t.co/kSX3ROI4QG


1 day ago

Liverpool FC

🇧🇷 x 🔴 https://t.co/t4msWAm2sU https://t.co/jTq9gqOFI4


1 day ago

Ted Lieu

As we learn more about the tapes of Mr. Cohen, now is a good time to point out there are no words in the US Constit… https://t.co/QYcVa1Edpd


8 hours ago


RT @H0Sjq0fr3E7uTKq: てごちゃんの笑顔、守りたい この4人の楽しそうな笑顔を守り- たい 昨日の少プレ観てますます強く思った NEWSが安心し- て笑える場所を1つでも多く増やしてあげたい #NEWS #- 手越祐也 #小山慶一郎 #増田貴久 #加藤シゲアキ #ザ少- 年倶…


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