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My Next Adventure

RT @mynexttravel: Maple syrup and asteroid impacts: What Each Country Leads The World In (infograph) https://t.co/JJiUiVYqph https://t.co/a…


2 days ago

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Breitbart News

FACT CHECK CLAIM: President Donald Trump said the Democrats’ HEROES Act coronavirus recovery bill is “a bailout” of… https://t.co/m2CYar3y48


1 day ago

JJ. Omojuwa

The Diaspora is the joker in this game. Thank God for migration.


14 hours ago

ABC News

MAKE WAY FOR CRABS: A huge cast of red crabs began their migration on Christmas Island, scuttling across a closed r… https://t.co/OV7VZhjy9L


1 day ago

Durango Markets

RT @universal_sci: Breathtaking: HDW 3 A huge, ancient planetary nebula. Its unique braided shape is the result of it colliding with the i…


just now

Eyes on the prize, people

The thing about #NCAAInclusion that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and w… https://t.co/KS3Ndqn9ey


just now

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