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viola voß

@publisher_ch die heft-version des artikels ist mit dieser netten grafik von @WillRayRaf illustriert: "color names… https://t.co/OgYzcnS9pj


1 week ago

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Charlie Kirk

If the GOP screws up this immigration fight it will be catastrophic in the midterms and forever detrimental for Ame… https://t.co/5eegFl7plu


1 day ago

Michael Heaver

Every day we hear about 'rising demand' for NHS. That's because UK population just rose by over 500,000 in one yea… https://t.co/HOk9q4oJy1


17 hours ago

dennis streich

Italy's Migration Policy Opens Up Battle Lines Within the EU freedomandlibertylive https://t.co/9lPVwP5qng


just now


RT @drawandstrike: Everything was ready. Everything was in place. Hillary was supposed to move to complete the migration once she was Pres…


just now

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