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Hillary Clinton

Robert Mueller's report documents a serious crime against the American people. All Americans should demand action a… https://t.co/gBI6ka5JO9


6 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

The Great State of Tennessee is so close to passing School Choice. All of our Nation’s children, regardless of back… https://t.co/waTxCBpsMD


4 hours ago

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Laura Ingraham

Deter, defend, demagnetize: 10 ideas for Trump to stop the illegal mass migration https://t.co/BUiRjiEBUJ via @RMConservative


14 hours ago

Robert Macfarlane

Word of the day: "augury" -- the practice of predicting the future based on the observation of natural signs & phen… https://t.co/mGcEDyYSih


21 hours ago

Brian Schatz

Republicans will no doubt make some hilarious quip about cheeseburgers or aviation but this is a planetary emergenc… https://t.co/moFk4vH41h


10 hours ago

Dominique Pucini

“Je crois qu’il profita, pour son évasion, d’une migration d’oiseaux sauvages.” – Antoine de #SaintExupéry https://t.co/X6tSI8NEbM


just now

John Jairu Roldan

RT @earthskyscience: Scientists have detected the 1st type of molecule that ever formed in the universe - a combination of helium and hydro…


just now

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