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My Next Adventure

RT @mynexttravel: Maple syrup and asteroid impacts: What Each Country Leads The World In (infograph) https://t.co/JJiUiVYqph https://t.co/a…


6 days ago

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Dr David Frawley

New evidence of warrior culture with chariots in Gangetic plain before 2000 BCE leaves no place for Aryan Invasion/… https://t.co/eygXpt0Aac


12 hours ago


This NASA/ESA @HUBBLE_space pic shows NGC 1501, a complex planetary nebula with a bright central star. This bright… https://t.co/L96GjhDvLg


20 hours ago

Laboratorio Escapes

RT @ESS_Survey: Research based on our #survey #data was included in this @_fkp_ 🇩🇪 article published last week. Analysis of our #immigrati…


just now

Vince Holton

Attend a conference in February and join the openD community. We will exchange, dissemenate, improve, solve and gro… https://t.co/U9pz69Wwj8


just now

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