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Hetal Rach

@NGKabra Whenever I see mention of tweet edits, I'm reminded of this - never gets old! https://t.co/bRfrdPZN0e


3 days ago

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Stephen Miller

Context: we are suffering through worst migration crisis in history. Instead of clean CR, it’s riddled with riders.… https://t.co/H5klUYPUjP


1 day ago

Pat Condell

There’s no freedom without democracy and no democracy without borders. That’s why Biden threw open the southern US… https://t.co/u6RHhC7XnF


1 day ago

NASA Webb Telescope

💫 Want to know how the @NASAWebb telescope will #UnfoldTheUniverse? Planetary scientist Naomi Rowe-Gurney will be… https://t.co/H4dXEOIYwn


1 day ago


RT @BTC_Archive: The Great Migration to #Bitcoin has started. - The banks are preparing. - Talent from big tech is coming. - States are co…


just now

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