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Tim Shorrock

A South Korean photographer in the DPRK. "Up close and personal: 'Pyongyang citizens' lives not much different from… https://t.co/Adpi6aEL7d


10 hours ago

Tim Shorrock

I don't think Pompeo has a clue about what 8/15 means to most Koreans. "Pompeo congratulates South Korea on Liberat… https://t.co/N2VsHnT7TD


1 day ago

defcon moderator

RT @BuckTurgidson79: 'Partial lifting of sanctions on North Korea likely' https://t.co/FKOWSHV6LX


39 minutes ago


RT @dogwarfilm: The South Korean city of Seongnam has long been the site of the Moran Market, a market that was once well known for its spr…


1 hour ago

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