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Kathleen Zellner

Unsolved murders in Manitowoc getting a closer look. @lifeafterten @Newsweek @guardian @digitalspy #MakingAMurderer2 https://t.co/9NEoPkPdEx


8 hours ago

Digital Spy

This awesome chart from @boknowsdata shows the rise and fall in popularity of different movie genres! What do you t… https://t.co/qRS0rysanx


9 hours ago

Digital Spy Soaps

EastEnders' Danny Dyer reveals if he plans to leave his role as Mick Carter https://t.co/XIfpFAXTsN


22 hours ago

Robron Jarry fan

RT @soapscoop: Hollyoaks hints at a double exit as Alfie Nightingale and Yazz Maalik make plans to leave https://t.co/1CqA3yRSpB


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Donald J. Trump

Just announced that Veterans unemployment has reached an 18 year low, really good news for our Vets and their famil… https://t.co/iU676pPe6o


1 day ago


【過激動画】「ちぃたん☆」観光大使を解任、市に苦情殺到 高知県須崎市 https://t.co/WeKlMh5Db- 9 草刈り機を振り回すなどの動画に、100件ほどの苦情が- 寄せられた。芸能事務所側は「観光大使は1年の約束」と返答。 https://t.co/uHRDMgbrY3


16 hours ago

Yashar Ali 🐘

NEW: In an email I reviewed, NBC News standards sent guidance to staffers this morning that they shouldn't directly… https://t.co/n60G4oxmr6


1 day ago

Ronaldo Hernandez

RT @MCU_Tweets: REMINDER: It has been confirmed that SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME will take place AFTER the events of AVENGERS: ENDGAME. http…


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