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exosextape 🔞 block my acc if you don't like it 🤷

I just realized I have /a lot/ of nsfw fics in my bookmarks, so I'll read them all again to make a thread here. It'… https://t.co/keiu9lvuZJ


9 hours ago


philip glass? on. doors? closed. room? well-lit, empty. books? organized by type and frequency of reference, replet… https://t.co/VsIH9EbsSB


13 hours ago

dadclyffe hall

and both of these are explicit fics, so I also know that ppl may not want them in their bookmarks, and some ppl are… https://t.co/1EMWqc2g4c


16 hours ago

Arne Köhn

@DimaV83 Most of the tabs were links to scientific publications, they went into my bibtex database. I looked for a… https://t.co/CwrM5bHHD8


19 hours ago

Cara Vincens

Let's make some planner accessories! Washi cards & bookmarks for your planner, whether you are in rings or strings!… https://t.co/UJ5CYns4yd


19 hours ago

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