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The Walking Dead

Samantha Morton has officially been cast as major #WalkingDead villain Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers:… https://t.co/eagPdLpalb


1 day ago

Matthew Dowd

As I said on @ThisWeekABC Trump sold himself as an alpha-male and a dealmaker. This week proves he is neither. He h… https://t.co/V3umI2nJP2


13 hours ago

Seth Abramson

Spoken like the uber-alpha-male his fans have always told us he is. https://t.co/VdTMzmrLDn


1 day ago

غصوب الغريب

Makayla, Katie Larson, Christina, Shannon, Kelsey, and Holly all got inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta today! Congratulations ladies!


just now


RT @iconbonnines: #ccookierun peppermint🌊 https://t.co/OHe5jHSgqG


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Mark Meadows

Potentially groundbreaking development here. The Carter Page FISA docs should be declassified and further unredacte… https://t.co/LIBYE4uxal


1 day ago

The White House

"The Trump Administration is taking a bold step to help manufacturers and lift up more people across this country."… https://t.co/HMmclzw3Ng


10 hours ago

Kazuteru Shinozaki

RT @Player_twi: 【#高校野球 南神奈川大会】 #横浜 VS #立花学園 横浜高校が6回コールド勝ちで4強 #筒香 #松坂 #kokoyakyu #100回目の夏 #甲子園 https://t.co/s8bNbupa4B


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