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Catherine de nicola

Pourquoi vous n’échapperez pas à la réforme des retraites même si vous êtes né avant 1975 https://t.co/kwqZwnWmxF


10 hours ago

Bryan Kelly

France and Japan to co-operate on fast reactor research https://t.co/2bprnp9rDr


11 hours ago

Théotime 29

Retraites: les réactions des syndicats et des partis aux annonces d'Edouard Philippe https://t.co/Vi3aVxnUuI


22 hours ago

David Hess

Of course, not all advanced reactor news is good. Sad to see France essentially cancel Astrid this year https://t.co/grzBXbEPDt


1 day ago

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The White House

Thanks to President @realDonaldTrump's leadership in establishing space as a warfighting domain, the United States… https://t.co/uJXRDrNQvY


22 hours ago

UK House of Commons

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland and you're registered to vote then all you need to bring to your polling… https://t.co/UBlkyTrh0h


1 day ago

Brian J. Karem

Question: just how many wars have there been in space? Why would you want to establish it as a “war fighting domain… https://t.co/aOeY78RMmX


11 hours ago

Shannon♌️ #VOTELABOUR🌹

RT @jrc1921: Just took 93yr Mum to vote in Chingford and Woodford Green, she’s registered blind. In a very loud voice she said, “Which box…


just now


this is probably the 200th tweet you've seen about it today but PLEASE vote today if you're registered in the UK, t… https://t.co/URoSxrYrnF


just now

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