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Rebel Denim Thurs

We Wil build #NewDesign #SmartCities #SmartAfrika #SmartDesign #SmartFuture #ForTheCulture #VisitDubane… https://t.co/8Zd8iLokZD


3 days ago

Rebel Denim Thurs

@zoomafrika1 #MadeInAfrika is starting to be a flex now. Nice Kenya #MadeInKenya #NewAfrika #NewFuture #NewGeneration #NewDesign


4 days ago

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philip lewis

After 23 students were arrested in 3 days at a Louisiana high school over fights, a group of fathers created Dads o… https://t.co/6jPuSdUe14


1 day ago

President Biden

My Build Back Better Agenda means free school for every 3- and 4-year-old in America. No matter their background.


1 day ago

Emerald Robinson ✝️

Merrick Garland has got to go. You don’t get to send the FBI after parents at school board meetings and continue as a public servant.


1 day ago

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