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Pete Ashton

I was looking through a window today and started writing about framing in photography. https://t.co/stEubuGxdg


3 days ago

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Tabir Akhter

Rihanna said there’s food at home https://t.co/dG3J8HSXJZ


1 day ago


Map Of The Soul: Persona by Korean stars @BTS_twt becomes the first release sung in an Asian language to hit #1 on… https://t.co/RUgcQUjjRh


9 hours ago


As well as hitting #1 on the #ARIACharts, @BTS_twt debut at #10 on the Singles Chart with the @halsey-featured Boy… https://t.co/Jt1sPyIdSE


9 hours ago

Duda Silva 👸🏻

RT @silveirasarah54: Gurias POR FAVOR parem de se odiar entre si por causa de guri que não vale a bóia que come Vocês acham mesmo que vale…


just now

Bsk Rohit #14FebParentsWorshipDay

RT @AshramBlr: "संत हैं तो हिंदू संस्कृति है और संस्कृति है तो समाज है!" भारत को विश्वगुरु बनाने के लिए #Bapuji जैसे संतों के सेवाकार्य- स…


just now

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