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Pete Ashton

RT @AnnelDalia: Remember strength comes from within. Light your fire, #standtall, #standproud ,#nevergiveup,… https://t.co/LShdVhyG2c


1 hour ago

Peter Sharples

@peteashton Each to their own! But *fans* are unfortunately *fans* as per your original point!


1 hour ago

Sam Underwood

@peteashton And you only ran out because you had so many that you were careless and lost loads :))


2 hours ago

Pete Ashton

@misterunderwood I finally ran out of A4 cars folders because buying 100 five years ago seemed like a great deal.


2 hours ago

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Google Japan

@shapoco 突然失礼いたします。Google Home は防水ではないので、水には気をつけてくださいね。


1 day ago

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Hey @PressSec forget serving those pies to the press who will probably never appreciate. You better plan on making… https://t.co/1a0BpLKKo9


1 day ago

Alf Dubs

I shall shortly be submitting this letter to the Home Secretary requesting that all of the 480 unaccompanied child… https://t.co/6KfuaAuTEA


1 day ago

Mr. Rager

I found home... https://t.co/Ik0FsVy6T3


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