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Tom Brokaw

veteran’s day dating to WWI - a war to end all wars. how did that work out? mankind’s greatest failure - the endles… https://t.co/SYG80ZWx8T


1 day ago

The Root

Jaden Smith got on stage and exclaimed that he and Tyler, The Creator were an item. Presuming Tyler is someone's t… https://t.co/7R5jVJzOZL


8 hours ago


Jaden Smith says he's dating Tyler, the Creator. https://t.co/iwkKjl- ZKni https://t.co/XLr4hiDtuO


2 hours ago


RT @trvrjames: @FlyByKnite Also, Zelina Vega was dating him for a while but they broke because he was a prick (proof is in the pudding) so…


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RT @CrowdailySocial: Jaden Smith confirms he’s dating Tyler the Creator. https://t.co/L7YrFjLRsN


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Charlie Kirk

Voter fraud is real: Nearly 250 counties across the United States have more registered voters on the voting rolls… https://t.co/LCBeIceYlY


1 day ago

Dr. Gina

The #ParklandShooting killer registered to vote in prison, & voted in the recent #Florida election. His vote counts… https://t.co/HXO6aqV6Ou


1 day ago

Omar Navarro

In Los Angeles 9,787,747 are registered to vote. How many are illegals voting in our election @AlexPadilla4CA?


1 day ago

Homecare Jobs

JOB; Memphis United States - Registered Nurse - To fulfill President Lincolnx27s promise - To care for hi: To fulfi… https://t.co/ovMcuQXRER


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Aisha Harris

RT @Redrum_of_Crows: How I Make The Matrix Step 1: Find an interesting Domain Name e.g., https://t.co/ej3D4wiv3Z


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