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Abdelrahman Hegab

@IlmFeed Kanye West??!! Qur'an & Jannah??!! Com'on!! Please delete this irresponsible tweet!!


2 days ago

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Amberin Zaman

Reliable sources on ground confirm that Russians have evacuated Kafr Jannah & withdrawn to Til Rifaat So #Turkey ap… https://t.co/4VASYJCUSe


1 day ago

Abdul Aleem Khan

Renowned columnist, dramatist #MunnuBhai has passed away. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah (Ameen) .… https://t.co/1l62Utcavp


1 day ago

Aylina Kılıç

Information I obtained from reliable local sources: An FSA group transferred to the #Azaz line shelled a spot close… https://t.co/paXB7sGXeV


1 day ago

99 Names of Allah

RT @Allahswt99names: #99namesofallah learn to enter #jannah https://t.co/4vx43oFeoN


just now

Muna Dakane

RT @alldayabdi: Imagine the beauty he has placed in Jannah Subhanallah https://t.co/ZMSwVu43DF


10 seconds ago