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The New Yorker

Any study of the codpiece begins with two simple questions: Why did it exist at all, and why did men elect to wear… https://t.co/riONQhovl4


26 minutes ago

brian david gilbert

those of you pointing out a "typo" on page 7 need a lesson in one of the most important musical genres to ever exist https://t.co/IAE5qHL3n6


2 days ago

Jonathan Schanzer

The PLO just produced this 100-page screed, but couldn’t find the time to produce a 1-page peace proposal. https://t.co/HsGGVYWpqY


6 days ago


@rajkumarwhat The page has a “does not exist” when trying to open it.


just now


RT @SakeAndMiyazaki: Murata is single handedly the greatest manga artist to ever exist. No I don’t wanna see your favorite Berserk, Innocen…


43 seconds ago

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