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Gluttonous Lion

@Th3h3r3ticang3l *slaps head* No the other word, popfur is dumb. -w- But happy i left a good impression on you at least.


11 hours ago


@tinydeerguy you are now popfur! Any underwear you autograph will get an added value of $0


1 day ago

Confidence Kenji

This time blocking a popfur made me feel good. It's one of those reasons I don't want to become one of them


4 days ago

Confidence Kenji

@SaberKenji: Popfur who had bad experiences with me came for giving advice but ended being the same arrogant prick as always.


4 days ago

Neil Hickford

@rhodesmusic have to say I love your album. I want to buy the Deluxe CD and I can't seem to get it anywhere, just a download, can you help?


5 days ago

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