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Kyle Griffin

37 states have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. A bipartisan group of lawmakers is rallying to make Virginia th… https://t.co/aqg3o0xBH9


1 day ago


Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser of the president, reportedly sent hundreds of emails to government officials thr… https://t.co/mtdmr5vTwn


21 hours ago


Researchers Find 115 Plastic Cups In Dead Whale's Stomach https://t.co/MU8Zp8S56J


9 hours ago

Roger Foch

RT @BamaJeans24: Who'd have thought we would want our Congess to model themselves after Hungary. Do SOMETHING CONGRESS @SenTedCruz .please…


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Kamzou L

New story on NPR: Bangladeshi Photojournalist And Activist Freed After 107 Days In Prison https://t.co/pMml4PqzDl


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

While we‘re discussing personal finances: Trump’s tax dodges represent millions of dollars taken from schoolchildre… https://t.co/LZCr89lnhq


15 hours ago

CBC News

The garbage found inside a dead whale that washed ashore in Indonesia included 115 plastic cups, four plastic bottl… https://t.co/Xub1ovqNn4


15 hours ago

Matthew Miller

The news that Trump pushed to prosecute Comey gives you a clue why he is refusing to answer any questions on obstru… https://t.co/QJ1PWNoktb


11 hours ago

Wangkhem Romio Meetei

RT @BiswajitThongam: Formally flagged off #SangaiRun, Half-Marathon at Keibul Lamjao, the only floating National Park in the world which is…


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Similkameen Spotlight

Enbridge says it’s increasing gas flows in repaired B.C. pipeline https://t.co/nIGdZI2DVm


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