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Luis Larraín

El subtitulado de series y películas tiene un efecto muy positivo en el aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera. Si qu… https://t.co/MPBED8Q9d7


1 day ago

Adam J Calhoun

How are individual behaviors selected? In courtship, there is a neuron where different behaviors are engaged as the… https://t.co/jOSPt3vBz9


6 hours ago

Yascha Mounk

This paper proves a longstanding theory of mine: Why do Danes have better English than Germans and Portuguese bette… https://t.co/GLwdsr6PKP


5 days ago

Phil Corlett

RT @stephen_gadsby: Fresh paper with the incredible @Ben_Tappin, addressing to some claims made by @danwilliamsphil and @Ericmandelbaum reg…


just now


RT @stomoshig: PROTCsではなく、珍しくSNIPERsの方の総説が出て- ました。SNIPERはプロテインノックダウン界隈ではマイナ- ーですが、活性はPROTACsと遜色ありません。もっと増え- てほしいんですけどね。あと引用ありがたい...。 SNI- PERs—Hij…


1 minute ago

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Chris Hayes

One reason we call the shutdown the “Trump shutdown” on my show is that Trump said on camera that it was his shutdo… https://t.co/cQqwZZtgGe


1 day ago

23 hours ago

Joel Osteen

The process may be uncomfortable, but the purpose is worth it. If you could see where God is going to take you, the… https://t.co/a1OOxEl1w1


23 hours ago


RT @danwootton: EXCLUSIVE Ant McPartlin admits he couldn’t watch Holly Willoughby on I’m A Celebrity — but he reveals he will return to the…


just now

chris meeks

These people with no jobs or anything going on vacations and concerts all the time. Yet here I am I have full time… https://t.co/uHe5MH4IZu


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