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Newt Gingrich

Dems are the ones leaving the Dreamers in the cold - @nypost https://t.co/V1Q9XKpkCH


18 hours ago

Mark R. Levin

The modern media are doing great harm to their profession and the country https://t.co/Yl9tycpEXA


8 hours ago

Ronna McDaniel

“It’s now painfully clear that Democrats in Congress are happy to use the Dreamers as a political football, rather… https://t.co/A1kV5aviED


1 day ago


RT @CREWcrew: So here's what we know: record spending, anonymous donors, reporting that doesn't add up (10/) https://t.co/rurIiroFDL


just now

Amir Khuwaja

Huma takes back Anthony Weiner after filing for divorce https://t.co/A9ZzuoLNLe


just now

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New York City FC

Welcome to the Club, Jo Inge Berget 🇳🇴 #NYCFC READ ➡️ https://t.co/VrLWPKZ0Zh https://t.co/k2lADGYilF


1 day ago

David Nir

New post: Delusional New York Times sees "clear political danger" for Democrats in shutdown, despite all polls https://t.co/HWeWovIfsc


14 hours ago

Anna Sanders

Cop on ground estimates **more than 400,000 people** at #WomensMarchNYC now, according to a New York Post runner wh… https://t.co/MM6vvMjXxc


1 hour ago

Trump's not my Pres

@costareports Congratulations @nytimes! You are now The New York Post!


just now


RT @AnnaESanders: Cop on ground estimates **more than 400,000 people** at #WomensMarchNYC now, according to a New York Post runner who's th…


1 minute ago

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