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Tomi Lahren

We don’t even need to worry about taking down Kammy, her dad is doing it for us! Hahahahhhaha https://t.co/- dC5xMORwXp


1 day ago

New York Post

The list of bogus 'hate crimes' in Trump era is long https://t.co/7xHbmPghQ1 https://t.co/FJ3uq6UnCg


14 hours ago

Ned Ryun

Funny how @AOC ripped on luxury real estate developers who built luxury apartments, hiked up rents and drove out lo… https://t.co/vABNAivfdE


3 hours ago


Under Armour CEO had cozy relationship with Stephanie Ruhle: report https://t.co/j1MbhZBNZ2


just now

Baby Animals 🌿🐇

RT @AnimalsPostt: https://t.co/nBjka33d0o


just now

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Lisa Boothe

@RepSwalwell Please. It’s New York, there are coffee shops everywhere. You just wanted to post about Trump and be dramatic. Sad!


1 day ago

Ryan Saavedra

New York Post cover on Jussie Smollett https://t.co/GCGWLkyeAZ


1 day ago

Bill O'Reilly

On the radio with @seanhannity exposing the New York Times grievance with Trump and the losing case for the Washing… https://t.co/FygEmnUubv


1 day ago

Not a Drunken Hag Resister

RT @Burn1Lynn: @steph93065 @dsshep1959 @KamalaHarris From the New York Post today about racism today! https://t.co/B5l62Df6ai


11 seconds ago


Im sure thats what he meant when he uses phrases like "they are an enemy of the people" regarding the New York Post. https://t.co/sIqcWEXfws


1 minute ago

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