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Shane Zettelmier

@dbongino It’s so ridiculous too, every time they were attacked their customers lined up, they didn’t lose a single… https://t.co/uvWqFtovtU


4 minutes ago

danny jackson

@theTiser @TKoutsantonisMP Good riddance one RWRN Racist God Botherer Gonski the bad news is that he will probably be replaced by another


17 minutes ago

elysha 🦋

oh and she found out that he’s a prince and also pictures of them making out are going to be in the news which is p… https://t.co/HzWhOUWEhj


1 hour ago

Shaked Bar-Tal

@NickWilsonWFNZ Way worse the fact that not like Ron he was very upset with Yesterday loss indict bad news for Ron.… https://t.co/fqfllrNCng


1 hour ago

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Dan Bongino

Campaign Corruption? Ilhan Omar Just Got More Bad News 👇🏻👇🏻 https://t.co/02eVXA3BwJ


3 hours ago

Adam Conover

This is a very, very, very big mistake. Disney is trying hard to recreate the studio system of the bad old days and… https://t.co/lckWSl8O3x


6 hours ago

Joe Scarborough

The Attorney General preaches against moral relativism while serving a man elected by “a generation incapable of di… https://t.co/4XkWiMH7gd


12 hours ago

kay 💚

RT @slimdollllc: u gotta stop telling bad spirits good news !


just now


RT @dbongino: Campaign Corruption? Ilhan Omar Just Got More Bad News 👇🏻👇🏻 https://t.co/02eVXA3BwJ


just now

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