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Russian analysts are working overtime to predict the repercussions of a Joe Biden presidency. It's looking like bad… https://t.co/gl9vz5ZUy4


17 hours ago

Bloomberg Politics

The Kremlin is increasingly alarmed at the prospect of a Biden win https://t.co/v3qCVfterW


1 day ago

IG: JosinaAnderson

The preliminary word from sources around Chase Young (groin) so far**, is that his quick OUT status is out of an ab… https://t.co/XjkHtPt1Wn


10 hours ago


I’ve probably spent more money on fast food in the last year than trump did on his taxes which is bad news for both… https://t.co/DGE0mvefK5


2 minutes ago

Roberto(Rob) Camacho

RT @drskyskull: Bad news for them: thanks to Trump, they probably can't get into other countries right now. They'll have to wait for Biden…


11 minutes ago

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anand mahindra

A ‘brain-eating’ amoeba?? And we thought Covid was bad news? Maybe it is indeed time to move to Mars, @elonmusk https://t.co/PXyEsXDP2f


22 hours ago


This is exceptionally bad news for us all. Dacre has caused irreparable harm to the U.K. He is a toxic, dishonest… https://t.co/2jeKWBsk7b


1 day ago

Larry Elder

John 'I Might Leave America If Trump Remains President' Legend Just Bought $17.5M Beverly Hills Mansion. Great car… https://t.co/8HFRp0CfJb


1 day ago

Joel Ahumada

RT @LindaSuhler: @realDonaldTrump It’s fake & getting faker. They ignore all good news for you (like nomination for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes) &…


just now


RT @LindaSuhler: @realDonaldTrump It’s fake & getting faker. They ignore all good news for you (like nomination for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes) &…


just now

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