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Matthew Grey

@RobertElms Also said, "Film and television makers didn't try to get us addicted". We have bad news about both 'cl… https://t.co/CZrf3cBPqQ


27 minutes ago

Gazza Biker

@LTDAForum @CyclingHull @loscaps @willnorman I reckon, if the problem is bad enough, they'll probably send officers… https://t.co/wrzqok7giY


46 minutes ago

Bailey @Iambailey2

@Susiekeane41 In that case, probably work on the laptop. Bad news, take 95%of flower photos on the phone!


54 minutes ago

qwerchiy qwerchiy

@PTI_News An MIT lecture about this topic : https://t.co/D2dxtDaYxJ The survey has very bad sample space probably.


1 hour ago

🚗Jeepman - MSM_RCNow

RT @RonniSalt: So, Dave messaged to ask me to get back in the writing saddle again. Now you probably thought you'd read some takes this we…


1 hour ago

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Chasten Buttigieg

I’ve got some bad news for ya about being in public service. https://t.co/GAjn78lkAi


18 hours ago

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