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Science News

The bad news: B.1.1.7 is 40 to 70 percent more transmissible than other variants and probably more lethal too. The… https://t.co/3eh5Q4DgQS


18 hours ago

John Cusack

On further review - original “bad news bears “ is probably the number one baseball movie ever made -


4 hours ago


A wealth tax is a bad way to pay off pandemic debts and would probably become permanent if introduced, Nobel Prize-… https://t.co/HRJnGiW3op


1 day ago

Gwyns #OustDuterteNOW

RT @victoryliner: a regular day in gma news probably: "how do i frame this positive and progressive event and give it bad PR?" https://t.co…


26 minutes ago


RT @johncusack: On further review - original “bad news bears “ is probably the number one baseball movie ever made -


48 minutes ago

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Eric Feigl-Ding

Co-infection is bad news—Scientists in Brazil have identified two cases where people were simultaneously infected w… https://t.co/8F1k122S4s


1 day ago


K-pop sensation @OfficialMonstaX tells us what's in and what's out—and it's bad news for tall guys. WATCH:… https://t.co/ZqQdXFFUsK


7 hours ago

Tim Pool

i love how Bill Maher is all like "constant negative news about COVID is making us insane" then goes but its true… https://t.co/vO7VrvqakR


17 hours ago

शिवेन्द्र सिंह धाकरे

Dear Team Election Commission kiny Postpone the UTTAR Pradesh Panchayat Election Immediately as situation would be… https://t.co/8QszJUfd7S


just now

Greg Torell

@katie_mo_ me at minute 65 is vamping like a bad comic: "so... this is in the news..."


just now

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