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Mr Stache

What I appreciate about Warren is that he is a real Liberal. A 'back room guy' that advised and supported Chretien.… https://t.co/xCIPZ2TLET


1 minute ago


@News_Dr252 I hope they don’t play this out it is wrong in so many ways plus they are children out there too watch… https://t.co/0E1zFcrhsx


25 minutes ago

emeri 🤪

@GHardstark hi love the show but I have bad news. I am probably one of the few who thinks this but you now have to… https://t.co/wdEMlWrjaW


30 minutes ago

Just Chris

Old British guy from America's Got Talent who dislikes Meghan Markle for some reason, probably because she's black,… https://t.co/DxptTtQyHN


35 minutes ago

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Larry Elder

Biden Was Warned By General In Charge Of U.S. Forces In Afghanistan That Intel Was Bad, Report Says… https://t.co/RkIyPzjmOm


7 hours ago

Michael Tschuertz

@dcexaminer @TomRtweets If you believe the short fin baracuda deal was expensive and had problems. Boy do I have b… https://t.co/2X9PCRtrnI


just now


‘Breaking Bad’: Iker Casillas da un giro radical a su vida https://t.co/sixMqWzYOR


just now

Stephen Kent

RT @mattyglesias: As if the rapid test situation weren't bad enough, they already have DUNE in France and we're sitting here like chumps.…


just now

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