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Pete Delkus

Happy Saturday! You probably noticed the sun gradually disappear behind the clouds today. This is ahead of our next… https://t.co/VbcvZ1N0ik


14 hours ago


Americans probably don't want a president who will nationalize the means of production, but we're happy to keep ele… https://t.co/pUoXqdKl9b


1 week ago

Erin Biba

If you're new to hearing the argument that fracking is probably as bad as coal, this is a good round up of how meth… https://t.co/9FaaZ1hjIy


1 week ago

Book Note’s

Too much stress is bad, but the right amount improves per- formance. Self-confidence has its optimal dosage. The in… https://t.co/NvpbicnaLt


just now

Daley Llama

@toes_quick @AlynSmith @theSNP They are probably waiting for Alex Salmond's court hearing and will release it then,… https://t.co/rmUTFZITQJ


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Rachel Clarke

Thank you @VictoriaPeckham for highlighting carers: "..who cradle & console, break bad news, know when to withdra… https://t.co/fb2jBUGNX4


16 hours ago

Tom Watson

It's instructive that with the bad news about Russia swirling, Senator Sanders lashes out at the Washington Post an… https://t.co/N08dQOADvU


23 hours ago


RT @lit_shining: Dear agencies, We are desparately wanted a good news. Please have the humanity toward us. We are so tired and damaged so…


just now

Joyce O'Neill 🌹Lest We Forget🌹

RT @KevinAtheist: Dr: I have bad news in that you have only 3 minutes to live. Patient: O my word. Isn't there anything you can do for me…


just now

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