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Qasim Rashid, Esq.

Five people were killed in a mass shooting this week. No—not only the 5 killed today in Aurora, IL. Another 5 peop… https://t.co/24SG62mcIv


4 days ago

shit posts & art

manipulative bullies: bad news probably had therapy at some point and instead of taking the opportunity to learn… https://t.co/xs7iVU5Nxh


15 minutes ago

dan clayton

7) SAS has a soft landing, so if they're in good shape on 3/28 when they host CLE, that's bad news for teams around… https://t.co/WHOEEQEvyR


28 minutes ago


the parents allowing their kid to make a stand for trump & puting it on the news knowing how people feel abt trump… https://t.co/8FHvkzTAKR


30 minutes ago

Jasmine Flower

RT @AlfredUdeze1: @voxdotcom It’s all about the ratings baby. But the bad news is, @CNN will probably loose more left leaning viewers. Anyh…


34 minutes ago

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John Crace

It’s extraordinarily bad luck for the government that so many pieces of bad economic news just happen to be occurri… https://t.co/IJAEwx0QPl


1 day ago

Kapil Mishra

Breaking News - Aaj speech record karte waqt @ImranKhanPTI ki patloon geeli huyi patloon geeli hone ke karan d… https://t.co/SqK2pRtYnU


1 day ago

Michelle Dewberry

I am incredibly sad re the loss of jobs at #Honda It is terrible news. BUT People have to stop using #Brexit as a… https://t.co/F1dlBHSvai


1 day ago

Nick Cracknell

RT @Alex_Niven: Absolutely sensational news in an otherwise bad week for left democracy. Momentum-backed socialist #JD4Mayor has beaten Bla…


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