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Scott Ficklin

If I was as bad at my job as Matt Wells is at his, I'd probably make the news.


17 minutes ago


@Mr_Rutherford @johnforsyth09 The bad news is Bama will probably score again


23 minutes ago

Biodiversity Voices

Bad news for #zooplankton. #foodchain https://t.co/q6R9hCyEXZ


53 minutes ago

Alan Smithee

@PeterKGeoghegan @notanna1 No, my guess is they are being released to cover some bad news. Probably heavily redacted as well.


2 hours ago

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National Geographic

While captive situations are bad for all species, the effect on sloths is particularly severe #InternationalSlothDay https://t.co/F2XsngFfs5


1 day ago

Matthew Yglesias

Bad news for Ted Cruz’s dad https://t.co/Sd87ibMW6k


10 hours ago

Lisa Guerrero 💃🏽

This is SO bad. FoxNews said he had 22 commendations & 2 PurpleHearts! #StolenValor ‘NavySEAL’ turned out to be fake https://t.co/km5iNBQ4Xv


1 day ago

Derrick miller

RT @RealWednesdayy: The MSM is too busy trying to make our @POTUS look bad, yet we all know he's working hard for us. They fail to report r…


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