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wild boar @ke-ji.k

スパイは駆逐します!(笑) リーダー:毛玉茉莉花🚴‍♀️- 🐈🐕🥝📸 戦闘員:水無月@ 運転代行の後ろの人 情報収集役:Takeshi 敵組織から- 送られてきて情報を盗み流しているスパイ:Mai-Kurak- i🌈 L,o,v,e cha… https://t.co/EX953jzoYt


1 week ago

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Pastor West

Dear Lord, Today, I pray for a heart free of sadness, a mind free from worries, a body free of illness and a day o… https://t.co/XiqGCV8Tht


2 hours ago

Bleacher Report

Jennifer Hudson sang her heart out in a tribute to Kobe and Gigi 🙏 https://t.co/XVATcBBkyI


1 day ago

chris o'dowd

They would slash her tyres to get a reaction. They camped outside her home until she had to move. It broke her hear… https://t.co/x6hvFM1Vzn


23 hours ago


RT @amatoryarcadian: The sudden urge to go on a library date is sweeping my heart. I cannot control the urge to kiss in between the giggles…


just now

Rajesh Kumar

RT @Lenovo_in: Whoever you are, whatever you may be doing; Lenovo promises you: we will help you GET **IT DONE. Lenovo Yoga S940, powered…


just now

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