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Wil iWill

@twhittock @TheNewRosePub @Tonyiron4life And I have never heard such rubbish as ultra-capitalist ego being a reason… https://t.co/Ou9xPn1dbk


1 hour ago

Actual Donald Trump

Keeping many, many years and then they spend tens of millions of dollars on nonsense and at the end of the process, they get rejected.


7 hours ago


@FoxNews @POTUS Millions of dollars so the boy can go to play golf and all he does over there is tweet nonsense...


13 hours ago


@lifeoncallisto @thehill Maybe, maybe not. NFL is bleeding fans and dollars. This nonsense plus injuries, and oth… https://t.co/sLhVAJ1vqE


21 hours ago


@naretevduorp states that take my tax dollars then try to jam religion and other nonsense on me can go right down the toilet. /sarcasm 2/2


1 day ago

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【ニュース更新】新作スマートフォンアプリ「ぷちぐるラブライ- ブ!」のOfficial Web SiteがOPENしました♪詳細はこちら→https://- t.co/bn7Vpe7wdB #lovelive #ぷちぐるラブライブ https://t.co/zn8mwZedXU


17 hours ago

Sarah Kendzior

A friend of mine in Puerto Rico posted this site with links on places to donate to and how to help: https://t.co/iijGaDpIWa


1 day ago

Aleix Sarri Camargo

Contundent escrit d'Alfred de Zayas, expert independent de la ONU, recolzant el dret a l'autodeterminació català. https://t.co/s5ZQwO4- frx


18 hours ago

Tupperware SheCAN

Bisa lho menikmati waktumu dgn jalan-jalan sepuasnya. Di Tupperware, kesempatan seperti ini bisa di raih. Ketahui d… https://t.co/W7QLjKl7XH


just now

Shawn Cortez

No Prescription Needed For "Adderall Substitute" Says Doctor - https://t.co/mkPLF5JmfL https://t.co/ClWfOwx5kB


just now

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