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Ed Draper

Defund it. I want NONE of my tax dollars being utilized for this nonsense. Black entitlement and racism are serio… https://t.co/Bx6tgKAEBc


2 days ago

David of Kirkland

@kirklandgov So we can see politicians have wasted our tax dollars for a long time, doing nonsense and ignoring real issues and our liberty.


2 days ago


@_90sProduct everybody has 20 dollars a month. That's nonsense. You can be on welfare and afford that. Stop it.


3 days ago

Kevin Hillstrom

7 - You spend marketing dollars on discounts/promotions and loyalty programs and other nonsense. But business doesn't grow.


3 days ago


@HillaryClinton Hillary is a politician with smiles and nonsense . Her party created 11 trillion dollars more in our country's debt.


3 days ago

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Kurt Eichenwald

So many have flooded Newsweek to read #TrumpInCuba that it crashed the site. Heres an alternate 4 story. Plz RT. https://t.co/ewJGzdC7oq


1 day ago

ESA Rosetta Mission

#CometLanding site just coming in to view in lower left! Image taken 02:17UT with wide-angle camera:… https://t.co/KY6rFqdNec


1 day ago

Female Feelings

Amazing Restaurants around the World https://t.co/32A0TaKhiv https://t.co/ifKvKqZyCV


25 seconds ago

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