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John Morabito

@Moz Hey you guys may wanna slap a 301 on this guy! https://t.co/GScLHLdzz7


1 day ago

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Joel Osteen

God is about to make things happen that you couldn’t make happen. You’re going to see an abundance of joy, an abund… https://t.co/8uBOjjbUwH


8 hours ago

Kamala Harris

A few moments ago I reminded Attorney General nominee William Barr that the War on Drugs has been an abject failure… https://t.co/oW0hxC21yW


23 hours ago

UltraTextual 🇪🇸

🔶 Programa Despegue #Marketing https://t.co/u1MULbJVYp


just now

asia 💛

RT @clusium16: É vecchio. Solo un operazione di marketing. Soffrirà le difese italiane. 30mln sono troppi. Prima gara decisiva dell'anno, #…


just now

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