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Tim Maughan

This is hilarious. @CBCNews got identical twins to try out leading DNA tests. Very different results between brands… https://t.co/KajluhdlhF


1 day ago

Steve Inskeep

"We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church's teachings on the dignity… https://t.co/wpn9170Vep


1 hour ago

Ed Yong

"Despite having virtually identical DNA, the twins did not receive matching results from any of the [five genetic a… https://t.co/cvKbSm6qYA


1 day ago


RT @SH_BordenColley: Thank you Ernest Tucker for paving the road for other black journalists in Canada. https://t.co/Cdme3HHJNg


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Susan Marjetti

RT @CBCUnreserved: Picture a giant map — but instead of Alberta, B.C. and North Dakota, there are territories like Swampy Cree, Ojibwe and…


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Sara A. Carter

Watch @seanhannity tonight on @FoxNews We’ll be discussing the recent developments regarding the false @BuzzFeed st… https://t.co/0KxQmL41rj


22 hours ago


WATCH | @BorisJohnson: To extend Article 50 "would be shameful at this late stage" and "the public would have a str… https://t.co/2Iwe2vxEkh


1 day ago

Andrew Stroehlein

Poland's public TV news @tvp_info caught here pushing a huge lie & propaganda for the far-right ruling party. They… https://t.co/eFTAYd6bib


1 day ago

Lee Heath

RT @MyTPU: Did you know when you pay your bill, you’re supporting the men and women maintaining our grid? There's a lot that goes into what…


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Jordan Dundas❌

@MikeObrigewitc3 Employment in the public sector accounts for 20% of employed Canadians. The public sector employ… https://t.co/ylEbkyrOao


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