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BBC News Mundo

Mate Rimac, el joven croata de 33 años que creó una millonaria fábrica de "hiperautos" eléctricos de alto rendimien… https://t.co/mNJPJm6HRT


3 days ago

BBC News Mundo

Mate Rimac, el emprendedor al que le cerraron la puerta en Silicon Valley y ahora lo comparan con Elon Musk por sus… https://t.co/5Fhik9bSWc


5 days ago


Вышла стабильная сборка Visual Studio Code 1.54 с нативной поддержкой Apple Silicon М1 с ARM-архитектурой:… https://t.co/7y8L7M5b2r


11 minutes ago

Silver Neychev

RT @SarcasmStardust: Today @JesseZurawell and I got to sit down with the amazing @KitCabello from @HardLensMedia to discuss the recent cens…


12 minutes ago

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Jill Biden

On this #InternationalWomensDay, we celebrate the resilience and courage of women everywhere. “Each time a woman… https://t.co/Oc1ss37RLX


3 hours ago

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

💙 this tweet to get a reminder when new episodes of Marvel Studios' The Falcon and the Winter Soldier start streami… https://t.co/r6WfhSxSeW


2 hours ago


RT @sebyul: 🐱 Hey punk, happy birthday If you lived your life constantly working hard, I’d like for you to rest a bit today I love you http…


just now


RT @BBBelissima: Sarah: "a juliette falou que ta do lado da Carla só porque ela é mulher... a gente não pode tomar lados sem saber toda his…


just now

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