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Shomari Stone

Another California county issues stricter stay-at-home orders. Public health officials in Santa Clara County, Calif… https://t.co/7t4yWEV2T8


5 days ago

Gavin Smith

RT @xojo: Dig into the challenges of running other operating systems on the new M1 Macs with @lefebvre in his latest post for the Xojo Blog…


2 minutes ago

Chetan Arvind Patil

2/ - #Silicon Shipped To Customer Post Production Needs To Work As Per The Specification. #Defects, Errors, Incorr… https://t.co/aXxNRr3bE9


3 minutes ago


Dig into the challenges of running other operating systems on the new M1 Macs with @lefebvre in his latest post for… https://t.co/S1fnLmGmf4


9 minutes ago

Master Jedi's Stocks

RT @cabroncita: $GTCH The patent seeks to cover new silicon manufacturing structure and orientation, with the stated designed https://t.co…


30 minutes ago

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Lara Trump

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, legitimate ballots do not come packed in a suitcase.


6 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

A provision is in the NDAA for the renaming, or even desecration, of National Monuments in National Parks. This is… https://t.co/Rzi2ZzRWez


3 hours ago

Luis M. D. Lara

@FroilLannister @Absolutexe ¿A este le sale todo igual?.... Vamos apañados. 😂


just now

arlad arroyo

RT @fdbedout: Lo de los cien días para reconstruir a Providencia, va a resultar lo mismo que las “horas contadas” de Nicolás Maduro. Palabr…


just now

Netty H

@Dr2NisreenAlwan A woman in Australia found a koala had got into her house and got into her Christmas tree https://t.co/IglmUlsWpN


just now

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