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Muhammad Aabis

Neepali maatmi, IIS7, H2Zero k bad paish e khidmat hai.... Zameen Harkat nhi krti https://t.co/qrccJXyil6


3 hours ago

Manahil Binte Badar

@WaseemBadami @ExpressNewsPK Haha that's what you guys did to ECP website iis7 lol


14 hours ago

Hammad Aziz

@WaseemBadami @ExpressNewsPK Haa aap b recheck lo kahin IIS7 ko 11s7 tou nahi parh rhe dubara..... Hadd hoti hai wese


17 hours ago

Kanpur Waale

One area where #pakistan is ahead of #india is their media. Their news channels are far more incompetent than their… https://t.co/dEyv3QtGWj


1 day ago