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NCommander - Black Lives Matter

@JQW Actuality CHS can go further to 137 GiB, its a BIOS limitation. https://t.co/AZdUwudwq1 and https://t.co/Hw7pkzvItO


1 day ago

a kilo of saucepans (rakslice)

@protosphere_ (it's kinda dumb luck that the old HOWTO list of IDE size limits https://t.co/Lc47zUxXyB had a link t… https://t.co/22HZf3OkTT


1 day ago

Maxwell DeMers

TIL Bash has -eq, -gt and -lt for integer comparison, instead of == or >= https://t.co/N7fVrThQMg


3 days ago


@_gettalong Also might want to `rescue Interrupt` and exit with 130, otherwise ruby prints an ugly backtrace by def… https://t.co/v9pVCpv7Ma


3 days ago

3 days ago

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@goethe_chan LDPか… Linux Documentation Project https://t.co/kIXhw3zo- PH Label Distribution Protocol… https://t.co/V1AbvRRkQl


1 day ago

Chloe 💜

sifting waste deep through low level linux kernel documentation for something that used to be a small project and w… https://t.co/oaC3JSWIPz


3 days ago

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