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@BreizhGardener introduction à linux https://t.co/N6LTjHTC3Z


2 days ago

Local Ghost

💡#Linux e #Bash Você já considerou que o Bash é uma linguagem de script ? Com ele você pode criar scripts que faz… https://t.co/C6iDeUQiDW


2 days ago

cron mom

when I get to use shell "process substitution", you know it's a good day (unironically) https://t.co/q9JB6HSVXi


3 days ago

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@fergleiser yo creo que los dos momentos de mi vida donde mas aprendi linux fueron: 1 - instalando y reinstalando d… https://t.co/OQnhNZkKUE


1 day ago

Mick Douglas

After some consideration, I'm going to run arch for a bit. It's neat to participate in a documentation project that… https://t.co/ALmpSfingD


3 days ago

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