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Graham Farish 371-336 Klasse 150/1 2-Auto DMU 150133 BR GMPTE N Stärke https://t.co/ND2qPSUhtV eBay https://t.co/Aysvgna5PT


20 hours ago

Michael Aaron Windle

@EastMalarkey Yeah, I was thinking of those long ones like preserved TXJ 507K, thought all GMPTE Nationals were bui… https://t.co/CCGq6w152x


23 hours ago

Michael Aaron Windle

@EastMalarkey I did read that some of these will still be dual doored models and some short, the drawings aren't th… https://t.co/J4vWBqQ2U8


23 hours ago


@markovenden @Londonist Had a conversation with someone who worked for GMPTE in the 70s in a pub about 10 years ago… https://t.co/oX4kodcjNe


1 day ago

Frank W

@JerseySpotter Had to zoom in to check if that was a GMPTE logo or not.


1 day ago

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Harry Horton

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says both TransPennine Express and Avanti West Coast need to be “put on notic… https://t.co/HdKIWCqCHW


6 days ago

Support utag where buses go we go

RT @joerichlaw: Andy Burnham's new Transport Commissioner received huge £600k payout from Sadiq Khan’s Transport for London (@TFL) just wee…


28 minutes ago

Gareth Roberts

@trentconsultant I should hope so.. it cost 6 times the entire yearly transport budget for Greater Manchester


1 hour ago


Exclusive First Editions: Leyland PD Greater Manchester Transport. MIB £9.99 currently Ends Sun 11th Dec @ 10:45a… https://t.co/bJXtOAps83


6 hours ago

Davva23 🌍 Mastodon Handle - @Davva23@todon.nl

RT @jrward81: Timely reminder that there would be absolutely no need for this if our government - national and local - centred public trans…


7 hours ago

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