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Adam Schiff

Weapons of war don't belong in our neighborhoods or on our streets. Congress let the Assault Weapons Ban expire 15… https://t.co/m4xSNCBAVD


1 day ago

Alan Dershowitz

It is unconstitutional to use the 25th Amendment to circumvent impeachment provisions. The 25th can be used only if… https://t.co/M5gS8uRm55


1 day ago

Daximus PrimeTime™

Do you think this Jussie Smollet allegations gonna put a dent in the LGBT community? Or he doesn't reflect the comm… https://t.co/ACN351Jh3a


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d ι м υ n y υ

RT @UPONTHATRlSE: alright lads all my panic! gcs are dead or i either don’t talk to in them so like/rt this to be added - stan panic! o…


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Donald Trump Jr.

No media bias here: Networks spend 2,202 Minutes on Fake Russia Scandal, and Zero minutes for Senate Intelligence C… https://t.co/8V9ysSQNSq


1 day ago

Mark R. Levin

The leftwing media love Ann Coulter these days because she’s their useful idiot... https://t.co/lBziWFCqOe


1 day ago


@nejibyaku Viens sur le miens il est cosy mon balcon


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Osmar Bernardes Jr.

RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: It appears that Jussie Smollett tried to manufacture a hate crime to make Trump supporters look bad and most of the med…


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