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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Warren was not mean, nor angry. She was effective. And by the way, we are allowed to be angry about racial profil… https://t.co/QrNDXGh6Om


16 hours ago

Donovan Mitchell

Man if 2020 is telling us anything... it’s telling us enjoy the moments we have and don’t take any day... anything.… https://t.co/jTVhM42lXu


1 day ago

Shelby Ivey Christie

Loving this hair by Nikki Nelms in March Allure — Go Big or Go Home “It’s not there’s anything wrong with tiny stu… https://t.co/DXu26elnru


1 day ago

auto voiture

or, maybe, an example badger


just now

Linda, HR

On the @MaskedSingerFOX, any person with "swagger" who can dance is automatically black. If you don't dance, you're white or old.


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Charlie Kirk

Wow: This is what happens at Trump rallies that the media doesn’t want you to see A WWII veteran needed help gett… https://t.co/xXBScFeVjr


1 day ago

Terrence K. Williams

Trump supporters at the #TrumpRallyPhoenix carried a WW2 veteran to his seat! *PLEASE RT because the Mainstream Me… https://t.co/7O26fgvB03


1 day ago


Not only have the media not had a proper reckoning for their deceitful years-long push of the dangerous and false R… https://t.co/kV5toIo9EI


1 day ago


RT @MikeCarlton01: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome again to the Joyce-Canavan Institute for the Terminally Stupid as we shoulder the onerous…


just now


RT @228Events: Boris Ket rend hommage à Omar B sur sa page officielle. Repose en paix Légende. #OmarB #Legende #Togo https://t.co/VkFtp…


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