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Forensic Architecture

The Israeli army has resumed aerial herbicide spraying destroying Palestinian crops. Our latest on this damaging pr… https://t.co/wRmFKtUb3z


1 day ago

Izquierda Unida🔻

💬 "La subida del salario mínimo es buena para toda la economía" 🎥 No te pierdas la entrevista a la ministra de Tra… https://t.co/UZiT8ZDdak


1 day ago

Mike Olbinski

If you missed it earlier this week, here’s my latest time-lapse film “Reverent”…full of favorite clips from 2019, m… https://t.co/sNnTqG66dA


10 hours ago

Israel Rodriguez

RT @RebeccMcLaugh: If you, like me, have fallen off the wagon of reading your NT in Greek post-seminary, I highly recommend you slot this l…


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RT @19s_1989: 풀링크 영상 https://t.co/usFTOCj2T0


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Adam Schiff

All over the world, those living under oppressive regimes look to us. They look to us because we have a rule of l… https://t.co/YHFj5lqO0W


3 hours ago

Adam Schiff

Let’s imagine it wasn’t Joe Biden. Let’s imagine it was any one of us. Let’s imagine the most powerful man in the… https://t.co/DJM2xAuWpr


8 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

If this were a woman’s march or an impeachment protest it would be picked up by every outlet But because they are… https://t.co/WiHSZZ8hNR


8 hours ago

Kassem Alaouie

RT @Ramy16294423: جد بنا ابا هادي فنحن الانصار عرين المجد امل الغد كحل الليل وشاحك يا بدر الاقمار نجود نقاوم نستشهد م…


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RT @troyeATM: 힝구 모음 https://t.co/2f4r970Nrb


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