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Cory Doctorow

Peter Kropotkin was a Russian aristocrat who renounced his titles, became a scientist and anarchist, and wrote many… https://t.co/qWkDErDiXU


1 day ago

François Asselineau

Poursuivi depuis un tiers de siècle dans une quarantaine de scandales, le laboratoire #Pfizer est une société de ty… https://t.co/nBQ0fg2HK6


8 hours ago

Steve Silberman

I'm fascinated by Tucker Carlson's callout of "men with high testosterone levels" here. It's complete gaga BS, of c… https://t.co/jjoMJSoFQw


1 day ago

$trawberry Sith 🍓

@Gwall22 @nftfi @garyvee @veefriends The NFT is collateral for a secured loan. The borrower received 6 $wETH and ha… https://t.co/n3lAWByXaz


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Krzysztof Sosnowski

@rzeczpospolita Ktoś już wtedy lokował w Hiszpanię? Wiedział jaki będzie wyroku TSUE w sprawie Turowa? https://t.co/Gm6jzFpe- xi


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Daniel Stingo Camus

Entre Wikipedia y gente orgullosa de entregar 65 lucas, queda clarito que hay solo uno capaz de unir a Chile para h… https://t.co/zkWHPI8aFl


14 hours ago

Marcela Cubillos Sigall

Provoste citando a wikipedia 🤦‍♀️


14 hours ago

Patricia Guzmán

RT @Hrnanes: Mal Yasna Provoste citando a Wikipedia. Debería haber nombrado al Rincón del Vago.


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@StayWith2wish @MISSDI0RKIM @jksrosies I need a Wikipedia page 👂🏾


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