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Jacobus Systems

RT @TheIIotDaily: Industrial IoT Platform Vendors Focus On Getting The Basics Right https://t.co/Q7Bcn3d7m3 #iot


38 minutes ago

The Industrial Iot Daily

Industrial IoT Platform Vendors Focus On Getting The Basics Right https://t.co/Q7Bcn3d7m3 #iot


38 minutes ago

Min Song

CRM And DX Programs Are Set To Collide — Here’s What You Should Do About It https://t.co/aneQpFRFMC


2 hours ago

Passion 4 Tech

RT @forrester: Technology firms continue to play a major role in climate change: 💡 Their own generated carbon footprint 💡 Being an engine…


5 hours ago

Srinivasan G/சீனு

RT @adeveloper: The terminologies that corporations invent to dump the work of an entire IT department on a single developer's shoulder is…


6 hours ago

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Andrew Spratt

Crichton Castle (Scotland) overlap of watercolour reconstruction from 1984 showing John Forrester burning Crichton… https://t.co/hZ3dDlNAI2


3 hours ago

Alan K MacLeod

@dj_forrester @lornaslater I wouldn’t bother, the lights are on but evidently nobody’s home 🏡!!


5 hours ago

Saskatoon Realty

FOR SALE: Immaculate family home for $324,999! Stellar curb-appeal, workshop style garage, solid exterior stucco, 4… https://t.co/mFPwsADiqJ


13 hours ago


Data breaches caused by insiders will increase according to @forrester @InsiderRiskSmt - All driven by working from… https://t.co/EqfI0Pk7C7


14 hours ago

Select Wines

Situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, Ken Forrester Wines are commonly referred to as the ‘Home of Che… https://t.co/C1sQs3kDvA


16 hours ago

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