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TLS 1.3 & DoH are the latest salvos in a long battle between privacy activists and the surveillance, um, community… https://t.co/g3TbUMjNCV


30 minutes ago

Stivale Digitale

RT @patpatuffa: Get Smart On CX Teams: An Interview With DoorDash https://t.co/a0QcOtkeHJ https://t.co/dGvjt1kcL9


2 hours ago


RT @forrester: You've heard Forrester talk about the importance of #CustomerObsession, but how do you implement it? Download our newest gui…


3 hours ago

Michael Bergen

Virtual Event Momentum Will Move Strategy And Tech Forward Rapidly #B2B https://t.co/pyvGgFbMFB via forrester


4 hours ago

The Highway To AI

RT @antgrasso: Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index: CMOs’ ability to impress and influence consumers becomes more difficult with each new tec…


4 hours ago

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King EGO Chall

RT @CrypticNoOne: college students coming back home 2 weeks after school starts up again due to a "random" corona spike https://t.co/OzZwR…


10 hours ago

Marc Moriarty

@TRW7810__WLM @Swallydooncally @CarolHu94842599 @dj_forrester @RhiannonV @theSNP But we’re British mate, England is… https://t.co/RmcCaJM3c6


13 hours ago

brian mcmillan

@aydinke @dj_forrester In the absence of a plan other than reacting to msm, there are going to be a lot of people w… https://t.co/jz44LWausL


20 hours ago

Greg Newburn

Contrast this clear-eyed analysis of costs and benefits to the prattle from #ChickenLittle milksops who tremble wit… https://t.co/CurNfLTLLK


1 day ago


Beat Real Madrid home and away. GET IN THE CITEH BOYS 💙💙


1 day ago

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