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RT @WordStream: 38% of advertisers will INCREASE their #FacebookAdvertising spend in 2019, according to new WordStr… https://t.co/uyK5vwf5TW


17 minutes ago

Akvile DeFazio

RT @WordStream: How to share upcoming deals and drive sales for your business using Facebook offer ads: everything you need to know from @A…


1 hour ago

Lilach Bullock

The Online Advertising Landscape in 2019 [Data] https://t.co/hAinkeK36j


1 hour ago

Cathy McPhillips

A7b: I actually bookmarked this article from the @wordstream blog a few weeks ago on this topic:… https://t.co/PS6OlpxN4Y


1 hour ago

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Laura Ingraham

Earth to @CNN and @msnbc: Mueller decided NO FURTHER investigation on obstruction was warranted—a decision made on… https://t.co/GW9LGgNOmJ


1 day ago

Rep. Eric Swalwell

The only person who has been caught lying about Russia is Donald Trump. If he thinks I’ve made a false statement, h… https://t.co/15woVGuSr8


21 hours ago

James Woods

Remember that Senate Democrats literally tried to derail a Supreme Court nominee on the basis of claims made by Mic… https://t.co/wCOWr50Unh


21 hours ago

Pradhan Ramesh

RT @iAnkurSingh: Did you notice? After winning MP, Rajasthan, CG.. Rahul Gandhi no more talks about Made in Mandsaur mobile phones. Now…


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🔖 #tech_info #mar26* 🔹 #EuropeAdopts Tough New Online Copyright Rules Over Tech Industry Protests* ♦ #Mastercard W… https://t.co/Y5Xs98eCKl


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