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Paul Joseph Watson

Alex Jones has been suspended by Twitter for 7 days for a video talking about social media censorship. Truly, monum… https://t.co/hpgYRL9AxW


1 day ago

Toei Animation

New Character Posters for the Dragon Ball Super Movie! See all 7 at the official website💥 https://t.co/vM8q9Ol9fK https://t.co/XsbJqeqUKx


1 day ago

Kyle Griffin

Russia stepped up its social media trolling operation on Twitter in July '17. The activity, Bloomberg reports, had… https://t.co/cr2xbMum5Q


8 hours ago

Tumblr Humor

RT @ACommonFemaIe: Dating without technology would have been so fun back in the day. Having to actually go see someone if you wanted to tal…


5 seconds ago

Lincoln Gadelha

@officialmcafee @coin_penguin Website: https://t.co/2jBLnKP- fIa W Social: Telegram (English):… https://t.co/W03WdO1VqO


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