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Tony Johnston Media 🇦🇺🇨🇭

@NoodleFan452 @GrantBrowne1 @Shamindan1 @WingXen1 Says the #WingWit #Wuppet who likes hiding behind bots and taunti… https://t.co/XRJWdwj2gA


6 days ago

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Rep. Matt Gaetz

The argument over Big Tech censorship is not about where the discourse happens, it’s about whether features of the… https://t.co/XTNdK7lTtN


9 hours ago


Have some guts & don't delete ur tweets.Fortunately the technology has progressed so much that people can't deny th… https://t.co/lL1K5dJIoz


1 day ago

Jill Wine-Banks

Great idea to tweet the summaries. I will post on my website to make it eadsy to find and read this incriminating m… https://t.co/p7juqwbzv5


6 hours ago

Andre Fraticelli

What's up guys so pumped to be back chatting with you all. Check out my new website link in bio. Check out my new l… https://t.co/ZTNAD7IUec


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RT @NCTsmtown_127: 아하!!그렇구나!!@.@ New NCT 127 GIFs and Stickers (Superhuman ver.) are available now! You can find them on Instagram story a…


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