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Dan Diamond

The front page of the NYT website — on day 1,000 of the Trump administration — reads like a parody prediction from… https://t.co/JWEAJ4auBB


10 hours ago

Imam of Peace

These are the Israelis that Islamic Extremists call “descendants of pigs and monkeys.” Look at how much God loves t… https://t.co/Iv5QTgE6l1


1 day ago

Citizens for Ethics

Why isn’t Bill Barr's Certification of Ethics Agreement Compliance form on OGE's website? It was due 154 days ago –… https://t.co/X0iR66Vay5


1 day ago


RT @BigHitEnt: The Dream Chapter: MAGIC - Concept Photo 'Arcadia' - #휴닝카이 (#HUENINGKAI) ▶ Website: https://t.co/exYVyJfEzL #투모로- 우바이투게더 #TO…


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RT @p2pb2b: 🔹p2pb2b team are at Blockchain Life 2019 now🔹 6,000+ participants; 80+ speakers; 70+ countries. ❗️ This is where the future of…


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